Don't you just love tutorials???

I know I do.  I google the heck out of the word!  So, I am working on a tutorial for all you happy people.  Here is a hint or six:


  • Everyone thinks these are harder to make than they are.
  • There are as many recipes as families.
  • Everyone thinks their granny made the best in the world.
  • They never appear in the column “eat as much as you like” on anyone’s diet.  Yet another reason I never go on a diet.
  • They are the best use of  5 ingredients everyone has on hand that I can think of.
  • Every time I make these, someone always says “We should have these more often.”

I am working on this tutorial today as I am cooking.  I will try to have it up for you tomorrow

…along with the winner of the Crazy Chick Giveaway!

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I know what it is but thats just because we just spoke and you told me what you were cooking! ha ha…….

I do love tutorials…

and my granny did make the best chicken and dumplings on the face of the earth….hands down. 🙂