One more tiny little thing…

I wanted to let you all know I have a few pie birds left in my etsy shop.  When they are gone…well they are gone.  Thought someone might be interested.

Little Blue Pie Bird

Little Black Pie Bird

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where’s the link to your etsy shop? i’m new here….thanks

the link is in the post…just click on etsy shoppe in the first sentence.

So cute! I missed you Tuesday Susan. Let’s try again. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

If those pie birds have not been spoken for I’d like both of them. I’ve looked locally for one for such a long time.

I would like to make payment via snail mail.

Please let me know.

I had a old lady friend (she’s passed away) who had a saying about black birds….

How precious that one would be.

Judy, Answered privately. Check ya email! Thanks.

Email returned…snail mai in route. Thanks!