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Last Day to Enter My Crazy Chick Giveaway!

Great response so far! I will be drawing tomorrow, as you know.  I have one small request ~ when you leave me a comment, leave your blog link where it asks  for it.  I would LOVE to visit your blogs as well, leave you a note and put you in my faves.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and good luck!

I have a busy day ahead. I am going to clean out my refrigerator…LONG over due.  And organize my fabrics.  TALL order on that one.  But it MUST be done.  And soon!  They are a wreck!

I will see you all here tomorrow with the winner’s name and at least one great recipe!



Just a little something for your listening pleasure.

My grandson Sam is 5 and he sent me this mp3 this morning of a song he wrote.  I know you won’t enjoy it nearly as much as I did but you still may get a little smile out of it!

Here he is with his rock n roll face on:

Now here’s his little tune…

Little Clone doing Go Mudbugs

PS: His dad is my son Zach and his mom is Jen Janét who is with Sons of William.  You should take a listen – they’re very good.

PSS: The Mudbugs are the Shreveport Bossier Ice Hockey Team.  GO BUGS!!  When Zach went to visit Sam’s little pre-school class several of the little ones came up to him and said “Hey, Sam’s Daddy, Sam really REALLY likes hockey.”   Indeed.


One more tiny little thing…

I wanted to let you all know I have a few pie birds left in my etsy shop.  When they are gone…well they are gone.  Thought someone might be interested.

Little Blue Pie Bird

Little Black Pie Bird

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