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Very Early Spring Breakfast

Spring you say??? Well it will be here in Louisiana before you know it.  Already we have had some very warm days. And before long there will be a few nippy mornings and then those too will be passed.  I always consider late February to be the beginning of our Spring.  If for no other reason, by the time the calendar Spring arrives, it is hot many days.

I enjoyed a fresh spinach omelet for breakfast this morning.  I have lots of actual work to do again today so I thought breakfast might be a good way to start my day.

I opened the frig door and there was that HUGE bag of fresh spinach from our garden.  I LOVE spinach.  I am, however, not a big fan of cooked or creamed spinach.  I want to like it but it just doesn’t agree with my taste buds.  But fresh, raw spinach…what could be better?  The heat from the omelet would not be enough (in my opinion) to constitute cooked spinach so it sounded YUMMY!

I sprayed my pan with very lightly with  vegetable oil and put about an 1/4 tsp real butter in the pan for flavor.  I wish I had some yard eggs but…well…maybe one day.  Husband mentioned getting chickens again yesterday when we talked so I think he is warming to the idea.

When the eggs were about done, I sprinkled the cut spinach onto them and folded it over.  I cooked it just a bit longer to be sure the eggs were done like I like them, but not long enough to wilt the spinach.  It was still nice and crispy!  PERFECT!

A little salt and pepper and a few fresh strawberries.  Pretty good way to start my day dont you think?


Busy as a bee.

Just a quck note to say I am still here and kicking.  Lots going on here and not much time to post.  I am keeping up with everyone’s lovely apron stories and enjoying them tremendously.  Thanks so much for sharing.

I am trying to get some storage buildings rearranged and cleaned out.  An older son moved into a new apartment and just general everyday work done.  So…I will be back soon, caught up on things and ready to chat with you all.

Oh, and of course I have a couple of apron orders to get out and the one for this last giveaway finished.  My days are busy!

Have a Terrific Thursday and here is a little tidbit for you:

“Most people don’t have any idea about all the complicated life going on inside a hive. Bees have a secret life we don’t know anything about” ~ August (The Secret Lives of Bees)


Apron Love Stories

I just wanted to pop in and tell you all how much I am enjoying reading about your favorite aprons.  Such heartwarming memories!

Thanks for sharing and again…good luck!

Here’s one of my favorites ever…


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