Picture of the Day

skirturbanBlowing in the breeze…my new fav skirt…check out Urban Prairie Girl

I have worn this skirt every other day OR MORE since I bought it.

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I am gonna come to your house and steal that skirt!


OK, I am so moving next door so I can raid your closet!

I love the skirt Susan!! You have great taste!!

love the skirt…i can see why you would wear it often. great colors.

Darby Lohrding

I can’t find this skirt on her site……? I love it, and it totally looks like me!!! You Go Girl!

She is in India right now buying fabric…the offerings are all one of a kind. But when she gets back I hear she will be in a sewing frenzy!!! So bookmark it and if I know anything I will post it here.


What a fun book!!! Please pick my name. My favorite apron is hung in the kitchen and is made of one of those old linen calenders, this one hung on my grandmothers wall the year i was born. It is very sentimental and a wonderful idea for others to make. Thanks for the oportunity. Have a great week.