Round Robin Update

Okay…looks like we have some readers are are all about some old fashioned letter writing!  Cool huh?   Okay here is the deal you HAVE TO SEND ME AN EMAIL if you want to participate.  No other way to sign up.  There is a page at the top that tells you how to do that.  Then I will get the ball rolling or the letter flying.

DO NOT sign up if you arent seriously going to do your part.  Which means you might have to send an envelope overseas, which means more postage yada yada yada.  Several of those that have expressed an interest live abroad and I think it is GREAT…a round the world round robin seems amazing to me!  I will get all the names together, and send you back an email with the particulars.  If we have more than 10 names then I will divide the list and will start two round robins.  How does this sound?  I will give you some time to think it over, and decide.  And will announce a deadline later.

Gee, who knew so many would be interested?  Snail mail…our grandkids might not even know what that is!!!

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Sending you an email in the morning, the Dutch morning that is, lol.

Hugs and thanks for starting this!!

Marian from the Netherlands


Count me in. My family has had a Round Robin flying since the early 60’s. There were 12 in my mother’s family, so this was a great way to keep in touch. There is only one sister left, but the nieces and nephews are keeping the BIRD, as we call it, flying. I will send an email in a few minutes.


Thank you for explaining the Round Robbin…I used to have penpals decades ago but we never tried the Round Robbin. I am intrigued by it and am going to send you an email so you can add me to the list! Who ever imagined blogging would lead to this! But it seems a natural development in a way….we do keep in touch online, so why not on paper?


Sent you an e-mail! This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

This sounds like fun to me, too. I’ll send an email shortly.


Just sent you an email 🙂


I’d love to join too if it’s not too late, will pop a email off to you right now!