Something Old, Something Blue

I am going thru some things I found when we were cleaning out my mom’s house. I am bringing one box out at the time, looking thru it and packing it back. Of course taking out things I want to keep in my granny’s trunk in my living room.  I found several boxes of letters and keepsakes that were my Dad’s parents’ things.  These old ledger books are adorable:


They have some of my granddad’s writing where he was keeping up with gas milage for something. I also found a stack of old letters between my granddad and his cousins written back in the 20’s.  Do you realize our grandchildren won’t have any of these things to hold on to and cherish? What are they going to open up an old box one day and go “Awwwww…that’s my grandma’s old hard drive.”  We correspond almost completely by email these days.  No real letters, no real paper, pens, pencils…nothing like that.  I enjoyed so much seeing my granddad’s excellent penmanship.  Will future generations even learn to hold a pencil?  Or will they just start typing in kindergarten? Kind of made me a little sick to think about it.

On a bit of a lighter note…here is my new percolator, isnt it great?


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Love your new percolator, so cute. I know it’s sad really to think that there will be no treasured little keepsakes such as letters, etc. Hand written recipes are also almost a thing of the past. And I worry with the internet, Kindle etc can books be the next thing to dwindle. Oh, I hope not as I do love a good book and I want to own it, hold it, read it and then try and figure out a place to store it, haha. Theres something tactile about a book, it’s cover, it’s pages and even the bookmark. I think perhaps we should all write our grandchildren or grandchildren to be a handwritten letter.

Amelia Maijala

I feel the same way about letter writing. I used to have a pen pal as a child and loved getting “real” mail. Those letters are still important to me today.

Do you think any of your readers feel the same way? Do you know of any way to connect grownups who want a pen pal?

Just a thought. I was going through a box of old things and reminiscing, too.

love the things you found from your are right..I have nothing from my mom or my dad..I should tell my mom to start writing stuff down…as a rememberance..I love the color on yur new pot…:)

I love your new percolator! I am nuts for anything blue!

You are so right about the things of the past being lost to our grandchildren. There are so many things I would have loved to have of my grandmothers. She died when I was 12…and almost nothing of hers was saved. I do have her trunk. It was given to me after someone elses had given it little care for years.

How nice that you are able to go through your mom’s house carefully and thoughtfully…and with treasures in mind.

Wonderful percolator! I love the color.

I have all the letters my grandmother ever wrote me, and my mom still sends cards…


Ok, you got me laughing with the hard drive thing. You are so funny!