Tunisa Bound

Husband left for work yesterday after a lovely three months at home.  Lovely for me and the kids, he had surgery during that time.

sj1Ben took this – no Husband is not drunk…he has flash/eye coordination issues.

It was “one of those days” – sad for the separation and then getting to the airport only to find the ticket was not there.  Or at least they thought it wasnt there.  Don’t know who was mistaken but FINALLY he had boarding passes and departed for the Atlanta leg of the two day journey.  I head back to Natchitoches to do a little business before heading home.  I am almost there when I hear on NPR that all of France’s airports are shut down due to gale force winds from a North Atlantic storm blowing through.  So I call him on his cell, he’s eating his last steak of the month and so he finishes up and goes to the ticket counter where he finds out that his ticket had been changed and his flight was to leave at 3:40 instead of  8:50.  CRUIKEY!  It was almost boarding time. Then the announcement to back up my NPR story: Flight cancelled. Moved till 7:40.  Hopefully.  They wouldnt cancel it till the last minute – there was a fine line there.  NPR had reported the airports would be closed until 10 a.m. Paris time this morning and his new flight was to land at 9:45 a.m. He called me when he landed and said “Uneventful landing!”  YAY!  I was very happy to hear that.


He will call me when he gets to Tunis later today.  And then to Sfax even later on.

Of course I won’t really rest easy until I hear that he is on the rig safe and sound.  There is still one airplane ride, a 4 hour bus ride across the desert, a night in a hotel in Sfax (and it ain’t the Hilton) and then a chopper ride to the rig.

tunisian_pics_071He always says “I have seen your job and I don’t want it.” meaning he appreciates the type of work I do being a homemaker.  Well, I haven’t even seen his job and I know I don’t want it and couldn’t do it.  So it’s very nice that we see the value in each others work.

Carrie if you read this, you package is going out in today’s mail!  And I will be announcing the new giveaway on Friday!  So stay tuned…

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Hi Susan

I like the picture. There’s something so tender about it.

I like the fact that each of you do see the value of each other’s work. I want to be a stay-at home wife so much. I know our lives would be less chaotic if I stayed at home. I think I’m only going to last maybe five or six more years working. I’ll be fifty-one by then…and way too tired to be getting up at four o’clock to get ready for work. All I can do is pray that the Lord will somehow guide me to my heart’s desire.

BTW, I loved the photos you have with your post.

….you have a beautiful face Susan. Your eyes are incredible. You remind me of Susan Sarandon.

This is such a wonderful post – I hear your love! I am the one who travels is our marriage and John worries and fusses the whole time that I am gone. I have a conflict in my schedule this year and won’t be going to my annual conference. I will miss it, but he is secretly happy. ~Kelly