I read that train travel may just make a comeback. Even if it is a forced comeback, I am all about it. I was born right at the tail end of that last train traveling society. I was more of a Greyhound kinda kid.

When we were in the UK last October I more than enjoyed every train ride and there were several. I think it is a grand idea. Seriously I would travel by train. I have an upcoming trip planned to Dallas and if there was a train, I would take it rather than drive. Absolutely.

Just a few weeks ago, Husband and I were passing the old depot here in the town we live in and I remarked how I was sad I missed the “train era” of our area. I am going to take my camera to town today and snap a few pictures of it to share.


I think it is a partial solution to some serious problems. But I don’t want to (and frankly will not) discuss the political side of it. I however, think it would be a lovely romantic way to travel again. Of course I am all about bringing back ladies suits, hats and gloves, too! Which means inadvertently I would bring back the girdle! YIKES. I have used a “powder room” on a train…the girdle may not be such a good idea if they are as hard to get on and off as I assume!


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I love travelling by train. The only thing that keeps me from doing it more often is the cost. It can really be quite expensive!


Susan, we travel by train all the time when we take long trips. It is fun and relaxing. We enjoy it! We are already planning another trip across country soon. Hope you are able to enjoy it also! Blessings to you from Kansas!~ Gail


Ah memories, are such grand things, just the mention of trains took me back to train trips as a child with my Nana. I thought they were magical. The girdle reference brought back memories as well and they just evoked an internal thought of whew, glad that phase passed, haha.


i just found your blog!! What fun!!! my son and his wife got us train tickets to see them in may!!! we are very excited!! not just about seeing them but riding the train along with coast of california!
i can’t wait to finish “window shopping” blog – and girdles are NO FUN!!!!!!!! i wore one as a TEENAGER!! What was that all about oh yeah – they had the little clips to hold up stockings!! oh yuck!! then i found panty hose!!
anyway – love your blog!


I have gone from Upstate NY(where I live) to Orlando Florida three times by train with my family. I love it. You get to see the countryside. My two boys were thrilled to see Washington DC at night with all the monuments lit up. I personally don’t fly well-it literally gives me panic attacks! We have always gotten the bedrooms and it is kind of expensive but your meals are included-and the food is quite good.


I have never travelled by train but I live with a train enthusiast,my son, who would love to be an engineer someday. It’s his dream! I would love to see hats and gloves come back in to fashion for women again.
My daughter wears them anyway. She has her own style, and she is 25 yrs old and would love to see that come back.

I came over from Sher’s Creative Expressions after seeing that yummy chicken and dumpling dinner she made from your tutorial.

I’m afraid to fly so train travel is right up my alley!


Trains can be fun….I’m not a veteran train traveler, but I did once take the train from Los Angeles to New Orleans…with two teenagers in tow. We broke down in the middle of the desert for a while….no air conditioning! That part was not fun.

I just love these old illustrations you found!