Apron Find! And of course, I love chickens! DUH!

aprondaysOn the back of this picture is written in my grandmother’s hand “Christmas at D.D. Bellah’s 1933”.  That was my great grandfather’s place somewhere in Texas…I am not sure right of the top of my head the exact location but in Throckmorton County I think.  That is my great grandmother at the far right of the picture in the LOVELY full apron!  But look across the picture…all the ladies have on aprons!

I have been going thru pictures as I have a minute or two and this one jumped out at me!  As did this one:

dessieandchickensThis is my mom’s only sister Dessie.  She looks like a rough customer doesn’t she? She was!  But my love of chickens evidently is genetic!   I am so much like Dessie was.  In many, many good ways and then in some…um…not so desirable ways!  Short fuse, easily distracted…spoiled…but the good things: love to sew, cook, craft, garden…the list is long!  Plus she had a husband like mine…so near perfect it was almost unfair!  Ganky (that’s what I called Dessie) was 3 when this was taken in Fullerton, Louisiana.

Update on Round Robin tomorrow as well as giveaway announcement so stay tuned!

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Good morning, Susan! I love those pictures! It is so fun to look at pictures like that isn’t it? Now that you know where your love of chicken came from, I ‘ll have to figure out where I got mine. Hope your day is blessed!! Gail in Kansas


Love the photos! The one with your aunt and those chickens is adorable.

Oh, my goodness! If looks could kill. lol I must go up the hill to Mom and Dad’s and get the photos down. I am sure there are quite a few charmers! You’ve made me catch the bug!

Your apron photo reminds me of some I’ve got of my own Grandmother…she always had an apron on. I don’t even own an apron! What does this mean?

I love old photos. That Dessie looks like a real character!

Love the photos and the news about your family. love how the ladies dressed.

I love the Dessie picture…and chickens, too. I must confess though, I’ve never rocked mine. 🙂

Goodness, that is a precious picture! Lucky you!

Love all these old pictures Susan! This one is adorable, even if she does look a little like she got up on the wrong side of the bed!

I love old pictures. I would frame the top one it’s a treasure, but yet they both are.

love those neat. and yes..Ganky looks a wee bit cranky..but a cute picture none the less.