March Giveaway! Book & Apron!

Finally! The March Giveaway! Two of my favorite things…books and aprons!


and one of my OOAK NotQuiteJuneCleaver aprons! Here’s a sneeky peeky of it:


If you are interested…rules are as usual…leave me a little comment – this time a little different. Tell me your favorite housewife’s hint. AND you might mention why you need a NotQuiteJuneCleaver apron! Good Luck! The deadline is Monday at noon CST. I will announce it shortly there after. Soooo…if you want your name in the now VERY famous NotQuiteJuneCleaver Mason Jar, you know what to do!

Oh…and note the post before this one. Fun Fridays Ahead!!!

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Hi! I love your blog, I just found it this week, thanks to Judy at Apron Strings!

My housewife hint is: use microfiber cleaning cloths! They work wonderfully without any cleaner, and with two asthmatic kids, the less fumes in our house, the better. I love them, and swear by them.

And, I need this apron because…I don’t have one! At all! Can you believe it?

Hmm, my favorite housewife hint…. I think it would be to use a wedge of lemon to take the garlic odor from your hands. I do this a lot!! And I need a NQJC apron because none of mine fit me anymore!! I’ve puffed out a bit. 🙁 lol

Sharon D.

Thanks for entering me in your giveaway Susan! I found you thru MJ’s chat forum.

I really need one of your aprons because it’s cute 😉 My favorite household tip is to make your own cleaners in the scent of your choice to make housework more pleasurable 🙂 This also eliminates fumes and is easier on the pocketbook. Splurge using what you save from cleaners on cute towels and accessories!

I look forward to checking out your blog more 🙂

~Sharon (Calicogirl)

What fun! Books and aprons! I agree, these are two favorite things. The apron would certainly be a fun addition to my household. Please put me in the running for this drawing.

Favorite housewife hint: Keep a small bag by the door, to grab on your way out, with some handwork to work on while waiting. Seems like you’re always waiting — waiting to pick up kids after school, waiting in doctor’s offices, etc. A friend of mine completed a beautiful large pictorial cross-stitch wall hanging over the course of a year, ten minutes at a time. Another friend always knit or crocheted – ten minutes at a time – through out the year hand making gifts like scarves, slippers and socks. Those little bits of time really add up.


My hint is to pick wildflowers every day you can and stick them in a Mason jar on the windowsill. Everyone thinks it’s beautiful!

I would love to have your apron because my kids think I look cute in uniform. 🙂


Hmmm. Housewifey hint….Hmmm.

Vingegar definately vinegar. It cleans EVERYTHING!!!

Also, I am ashamed to admit it….
I do not own one single apron! True!

And that is why you should pick me!


Diana K

Houswifey hint…I guess hiring a maid doesn’t qualify 😉 Okay, keep a hand squeegy in the bathroom and use it on the wall tiles after you shower so there’s no water spots or soap scum buildup.

I’d love to have your apron because I’m a messy cook and also because aprons are the latest fashion statement!

Well, my favorite housewife hint would be to cook and bake in doubles, or triples. Then freeze the extra meals and baked goods. That way, when you’re busy doing other “projects” dinner will already have been prepared. Also, if you’re going through all the mess to make a meal like a casserole, why not just make the mess once and get three meals out of it? Cookies I always do this way too. I bake several different kinds at the same time while the mess is out and then freeze them all. I take out a little each week for lunches. And, there you have it 🙂

And I need an apron. . . because I LOVE YOUR Aprons and would be honored to wear one! My current one has also seen better days!



Here’s a housewife hint…We all loathe gunky reflector pans.

De-gunk the range top reflector pans. If those little pans that sit under the burners resemble charred ruins, here’s how to get them looking like new: Run them under the faucet to get them wet, and coat them with a layer of baking soda. Let them sit for 10 minutes or so, and scrub them clean with a sponge.

Why do I want to win your apron…because I’ve always got more room in my heart for more apron love.

I lurk around and I’ll give you two I got from a teenager’s beauty book circa 1956:

Soak nails in lemon juice weekly to make nails look white


Scrape nails over a bar of soap when cleaning or working in the yard to keep grime out from under them and make cleanup easy!

I have used both of these since I was in my own teens and they work, I have pretty white nails and I’ve kept everything from engine grime to caulk to earth out from under my nails.

As to why I need an apron, I really don’t. I wear then as soon as I walk in the house and the entire time I’m here. I just like them and one can never have too many aprons (which was also in the book.)

My household tip is to put a drier sheet into the vacuum and then when you hoover it sends nice smelling air into the room and acts as a room refresher! I would just love one of your aprons . . . why? Because you made it and it would be like having a little bit of you to wrap around me every time I put it on!

My favorite hint: Use Barkeepers Friend to clean your stainless steel sink. It makes the sink look brand new!

I need one of your aprons because I don’t have one and I am always getting my clothes stained!

I’ve started using those mr clean magic erasers when I’m in the shower to clean it when I’m done showering once or twice a week. It’s amazing how much grime accumulates with our strange water. I also spritz the shower with daily shower spray & this eliminates having to super scrub the shower weekly.
I also use bleach in the toilets.

Apron…need?…just because you make pretty ones and the one I have is an older than dirt denim one that I got a michael’s with a 40% off coupon — and my daughter decided to decorate it with dark fabric paint…a mess. but it works.


Hi Susan! Please enter me in your drawing, I would love that apron, I have two and one is tattered and one is too stiff to feel comfortable in.

A good hint for anyone is bask in your small accomplishments, like a clean floor.. I also use my bathtub in my second bathroom for my Grandson’s toys. Just shut the curtain and they are out of sight!!

I just need a cute apron to save the clothing!!! I tend to be a little messy when I cook/work, so a lovely apron would be such inspiration to cook/work but in a cleanly fashion!! 😉
Household tip……Zud, a great product, especially if you own a white sink! It will remove any stain from a white kitchen sink, and make it!!!


Well, hmmm, my favourite housewife hint: I use only half the laundry detergent recommended and the clothes come out just as clean and fresh.

I do, truly, need one of your aprons because mine are all just about worn out…well, the two that I own that is!



I’m gonna win one of your aprons sooner or later! LOL My housewife hint would have to be to have a routine, makes it much easier and faster, leaves more time to play! lol


How nice of you to have a giveaway and the apron is sweet from what I can see in the peek! I would be really interested in the book for sure.
My household hint is using baking soda to clean your bathroom sink and tub. Just sprinkling it in and rubbing it out with a cloth then rinsing really makes the tile sparkle and it is very economical too!
As for the apron, I am starting to see that mine have gotten worn a little and there are four of us that wear them so they are definitely in need of replacement.

Susan, Please enter me in your next give away!

My household tip is to have a happy home… filled with support and lots of laughter!

On the cleaning side of my household hint… wipe down door handles, bathroom counter tops and toilet seats with pure Lavender essential oil… as Lavender kills bacteria… and it will fill the air with the wonderful smell of Lavender!

I want to win your apron…. because I just plain have always pined away for one of your aprons… I would feel like a queen wearing one from you!

Victoria in Houston

Please enter me in the drawing !!

My household hint:

TO clean burnt coffee out of the pot, sprinkle black spots with salt, let sit a minute or two, and then raise with water. You may need to scrub a little, depending on how “thick” the coffee was, lol …….Works every time !!

I would love one of your aprons because I do not have one you have made and they are so pretty !!!



Hey –

My favorite household tip would be to use those clorox cleanup wipes on the top of the stove. It cuts grease and wipes everything off super fast. It is way easier than spraying cleaner everywhere.

I love aprons and collect them. I have about 5 or 6 vintage aprons from my grandma. I also have my favorite one – a french toile print. I display them on the handle of my oven door – I tie the straps in a bow and let them hang. It is adorable and right there when I need it.

Have a great day!

It is early for me and I have not had my coffee, lol.

It is suppose to say “rinse with water” not raise with water”.

So sorry !!

Hello Susan! My household hint is to clean walls from the top down. I would love one of your sweet aprons, so I would have a nice one to use when company comes. My old aprons are not really cute enough for company. The book looks very interesting. Franny

My housewife tip is to get yourself a denture toothbrush … the stiff bristles and the small size of the brush make it perfect for cleaning around faucets and such.

As for the apron … well, I need this one because I don’t have one that has rick rack on it … yet LOL!

Sharon M.

Hi Susan! My household hint is to clean like crazy and get done by 10:00–then the whole day is left to have fun! I would LOVE to win one of your aprons because: 1) they are always gorgeous and 2) you can never have too many aprons! The book looks great, too! 🙂

My household hint would be that grapefruit will clean copper just as good as lemons and neither contain harmful chemicals. I have a copper farmhouse sink so this is real helpful for me 😉
I need your apron because as you know I do not own one!


I love the sneek peak at the Apron I would love for it to be mine. I always wash heat and put a small amount of oil in my cast iron pans and store with a paper towel between them nothing sticks and they always are ready to be used again.



My favorite “hint” (more like a rule) is to delegate, delegate, delegate! We Housewife/Mommies didn’t make all that mess so delegate clean-up and other daily chores to the rest of the brood! 🙂

I’m so busy sewing for other folks that I don’t have time to make a new apron for myself 🙁 My aprons are all care and time worn. I’d love to have one of your beautiful creations!



Hi, My household hint is one I was taught by a woman who worked in alterations in a large retail store that I worked in years ago! If a garment was torn or stained, we would take it to alterations. Many times, I saw this wonderful lady remove ink stains from clothing with regular hairspray and then scrubbing the area lightly with a toothbrush. I would love to own one of your famous handmade aprons! I have an apron that belonged to my paternal grandmother (my dad
is almost 91) and it is too fragile to wear. Please enter me in your cookbook/apron drawing. My husband loves cookbooks and I adore aprons. I am keeping my fingers crossed!
Many thanks to you…..Cindi


My household hint – wash your dishes as you go, i.e., as you’re cooking have a sink of sudsy water to put bowls, pots, etc., in. Even if you use a dishwasher, this little soaking step will help. And, if you don’t put everything in a dishwasher, this step will definitely help!
Why I need a NQJC apron – they’re soooo cute and I love cute things! Plus, I tend to splash and spill things…’nough said.


My housewife hint would be to let your husband be a househusband 🙂 I just got married and am learning how to cook, so I’d love an apron to keep me lOoking shiny and clean!

I need the apron because I think it would bring EXTRA motivation to do my job well!

A hint? I haven’t read through the others, so this may be a repeat.

Put 3-4 garbage can liners in the bottom of the garbage can (still folded) and then insert the open one. That way when you change the garbage, the liner is RIGHT THERE.


Hi Susan,
The HouseWife’s Handbook and the sneek peek at the apron has me asking to please be added to the mason jar. I NEED that apron because it’s red and I love red and my current apron (which is not red) has seen better days.
My housewife hint would be to clean those drains with baking soda followed by vinegar and then some boiling water. Keeps the drains clean and smelling good and hopefully will prevent nasty clogs.


I would love to win one of your aprons because… I love pretty aprons!

Household hint: I almost always put a kettle of water to boil as I begin cooking a meal. It makes diluting liquids and sauces a snap. I can make a cup of tea if I need one. I can use it to soak off a messy pan… the uses are practically endless!


I would use the apron while baking cookies with my two daughters! My hint is when you chop veggies like bell peppers, onions, etc. chop extra and freeze them. The next time you need them they’re ready to use.

LOVE the blog! I just found it today so its a special treat that you have a giveaway too. If I won the apron I would surely wear it while baking a vintage recipe (I just got my hands on 6 old household magazines from 1941-56).

My favorite household tip- when your pipes clog use baking soda and white vinegar to open them up. Good for the environment and it really works!

Darn- I should have read a few more comments because someone else mentioned what I did. Well here’s another one- I handwash all of my dishes, so when I am done with a batch and am waiting for them to dry I put my stovetop grates in the water to soak and wipe down my stove so I don’t waste any water.

To clean my microwave of stubborn dried food, I put in a bowl of water, bring it to a boil and let it set for about 15-20 minutes. The steam and condensation soften the stuck on food and it’s easy to then wipe it of.

You can add lemon to the water to make it smell good!

I NEED on of your aprons since I can’t get your soap anymore! 🙁


My household tip is like stating the obvious – pick up as you go. This is something I have learned the hard way. 🙂 Taking the extra 30 seconds to hang up your clothes or rinse off a plate saves SO much time when you don’t have to deal with big piles later…

And, I would love to win your apron because they are so cute and I have really been wanting one!


Please enter me in your giveaway. Your aprons are beautiful!
My household tips are: for a smooth tasty cup of coffee, just add a shake or two of salt to the grounds before brewing and wrap the drip pans under burners with aluminum foil. The foil makes clean up a snap!

o.k. my housewife’s hint, and it saves sanity every this..”don’t sweat the small stuff”..ha.
on a serious note…
vinegar works very well for cleaning floors..I use a bit of vinegar mixed with a little dish detergent and a few drops of lavender essential oil to mop with sometimes.
If you are out of your usual tub cleaner..go chemical free by using baking works very well for removing soap scum.
Grout near your bathtub getting dingy looking..use a little rubbing alcohol on a cloth and wipe clean.
Need to freshen the air? simmer a mixture of cinnamon sticks and cloves in a pot of water on your stove top. can also add orange peels… makes the house smell yummy.
The book looks wonderful! and the apron..I would love to win as I actually could use an apron as I go about the task of doing some heavy duty spring cleaning to get my house ready to sell…it would make the task that much funner.

My Hint also involves vinegar. My absolute favorite way to clean my tubs are to sprinkle them with baking soda, scrub a wee bit then rinse with vinegar. Makes cleaning tubs a breeze. Plus my kids love the reaction between the soda and vinegar and volunteer to clean tubs every week.

I would love to have one of your beautiful aprons because #1 I never seem to be able to find the time to sew my own and #2 I have found that wearing an apron makes me feel beautiful. Most importantly #3 you have wonderful taste in material combinations and make some really beautiful aprons. I absolutely love the full ones. So very feminine.


Good morning, Susan!

I have two favorite housewife hints. The first one is wear an apron everyday. It keeps you clean. It has pockets for whatever you may pickup,( ie. eggs from the chicken house, toy trucks that had been missing, etc.), and if you need to wipe your hands for some reason, use that apron.

The other pocket is also where I keep my second housewife hint, my list. Everynight before I go to bed, I make a list of what I hope to do the next day. I include anything, even phone calls to be made. I cross off things as they are done . It helps keep important things from being forgotten and helps you see that you really did accomplish something at the end of the day.

Now to why I need a Not Quite June Cleaver apron, I wear an apron everyday and it is nice to start each day with a clean apron.

Hope you have a very blessed weekend, Susan!

Gail in Kansas