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Just us chicks…

went out and about yesterday.  Antiquing…people watching…driving thru the beautiful green East Texas backroads. Rachel and I decided yesterday morning to head over to Hemphill/Milam to check out some little antique stores we have been have been admiring from the outside.  Little did we know when we left here that Hemphill was hosting an antique car show.   redcar

img_0821We had a blast all day.  We talked “cookbook photography” and ideas all the way over, we bought some “props” for said photos.  And I found 4 – yes FOUR lovely, near perfect vintage aprons!  Pictures of those later.  I am going to get Rachel to model them for me…well and for you!  The really deserve a post all their own.

One thing I passed on yesterday I wish I had bought…

glassesAre these some snazzy glasses or what??? Not quite cat-eye enough…

We came home to a wonderful supper prepared by Husband.  A VERY tasty Smoked Chicken and Carmelized Onion Soup – WOW it was wonderful.  I will get the recipe from him soon and pass it along.  We are having another soup this evening.  I have leeks I need to use today so I am making a Potato Leek Soup and will add that recipe later as well.  \

I have to get busy, I have enjoyed my morning coffee and there is plenty to do today! Oh…here is a little peek at some very happy herbs that are awaiting their new home.  Husband is working on the new herb beds so it will be a few days.


Gotta get up from this computer and get rolling.  Have a great Sunday everyone!


Happy Spring & Vintage Luggage Treasure

Good morning!  And Happy Spring!  It is to be a LOVELY day here – mid 70’s and sunny.  Benjamin has an eye dr appt today so I will kill two birds with one stone and hopefully get the rest of my herbs whilst I am out and about.   I had a lovely, LOVELY time being away with Husband for a couple of days.  To spite the fact that he was in meetings all day, we still had some time to catch up with each other.  I of course shopped – too much probably.  But before I get to my finds I wanted to show you my luggage I took on my trip and give you a little background on it.  I was inpsired to share this from reading a post made by EllynAnne over at Apron Memories.  She too has a lovely vintage travel case.  Here is my set of vintage luggage:


This luggage belonged to my grandmother, Mama Tom.  I am quite sure it made many a trip on a train or two.  It is pretty beat up but geez it is probably 50-60 years old.  But yet it is VERY sturdy, the latches still are very strong and I plan on it seeing many more trips.  The inside smelled a bit musty but I just put a few lavender sachets in it and it was absolutely fine.  I also have two more lovely pieces of vintage luggage that I will show you another time.

Round Robin Update: The letter is written and ready to mail today.  YAY!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May those that love us, love us.
And those that don’t love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
May He turn their ankles
So we will know them by their limping.
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