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The First Signs of Spring


I started enough seeds a couple of weeks ago for me and Jessica and whom ever else needs or wants some. Most all of them sprouted.


So yesterday I decided it was time to put them in little pots to begin their journey towards my new herb bed or one of their other new homes.


I cut newspaper circles with my handy dandy Fiskers circle cutter to put in the bottom of the pots (keeps the soil from falling through the little hole in the bottom).



See how nicely they fit!



Then I labeled the pots. I had numbered my trays and then kept a little notebook with the names/numbers of what I planted.


Adding a little potting soil.


A little water.


Seedlings and then a little more water…


Awww…aren’t they adorable!? I will begin hardening them over the next couple of weeks in preparation for their new bed. These are all culinary herbs ~ 3 kinds of basil, chives, thyme, 3 kinds of parsley plus cilantro, oregano, spearmint, sage – no rosemary as I have a HUGE rosemary plant I hope to transplant as well. I think I will make a trip to the nursery when the bed is ready and put in a little medicinal section as well. Borage, St. Johns, Lambs Ears, Chamomile, Comfrey (if I can find some).

This warm weather lately has inspired me!


Photo of the Day: The Old Depot, A Little Apron Love & Round Robin Update



I will be sending out a Round Robin Informational Email this weekend – if you havent sent me an email and you want to participate please do so no later than tomorrow.

I will announce the March Giveaway over this coming weekend.

I am going to review The Kitchen Linens Book by the wonderful EllynAnne Geisel VERY soon…possibly over the weekend.

And a little something I whipped up today!


See you all VERY soon!  I need to share my little sprouting herb pictures with you, too!


Wow, my front yard is noisy in the morning!

I am sitting on my front porch drinking coffee for the first time this year.  Why does coffee just taste so much better on a porch?  The thermometer says 56 degrees which is just about perfect (in my opinion).  “Sleeve weather” as my granny used to say.  The sun is just up over the trees and it is to be a warm day with the forecast calling for 77.  I have plans to repot my herbs that have sprang up like weeds in my living room windows.  And pull the rest of the carrots out of the garden.  And time to think about what to spruce up my porch with.  It looks very “wintery” – empty flower pots and just…bare. It needs a little color.

Today my girls and their VERY good friend, Chelsea, are headed to Shreveport to see a movie and do a little shopping. A girl day.  I had considered going with them but they are old enough to go it alone.  They will have a great time.  I have a little list of things I hope they will pick up for me, save me a trip you know.

I will be posting some pictures later.  The old depot I talked about earlier and some pictures of my herbs.

I am happy to say I do believe Spring is just around the corner.  Now if my nose can come to terms with it, even with the help of Claritin, then all will be well.

Have a great day and stay tuned for photos! Oh…and the March giveaway is coming up too!

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