Round Robin Update ~ Please Read

Latest Update (Monday Morning)~ I am still fighting computer stuff!  So I will be a few more days getting it all together.  I appreciate your patience and I do have 16 names.  I think if everyone will do their part and get the letters back out promptly, say within a few days, we can enjoy 2-3 packets of letters a year.  That would be so cool!  I will add the UK and European names back to back so as not to have the packet/letters go back and forth across the ocean too many times thus taking much longer.  I will be emailing the information but will also put a list and “rules” in with the first letter and it needs to be a “sticky”~meaning it needs to stay with the letters. I would also encourage you to make yourself a copy of these pages- you might want to send out holiday greetings and include your round robin friends.

This is going to be a lot of fun…just remember you have to do your part if you are participating.

I will be sending around an email in a little while. If you do not get one by Monday, and you intend to participate PLEASE email be and let me know. It will take a little maneuvering to get this rolling but we will!

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hi! haven’t recieved an email re: letter swap…maybe i didn’t give you my email address…waters at frii dot com…can’t wait!