The best thing since sliced bread.

Charlie Browns made with Sunflower Seed Butter! Oh my they are just heavenly! You can find the recipe for Charlie Browns here.  Just substituted the sunflower seed butter for the  dreaded peanut butter.


Speaking of sliced…

I sliced some cukes, some granny smiths and made a LOVELY and BEAUTIFUL refrigerator pickle.  Don’t they look just so good???pickles1

In 24 hours, if they taste as good as they look I will post the recipe.

Happy Thursday everyone! Here is your thought for the day:

No man can be wise on an empty stomach. – George Eliot

I am going to eat another Charlie Brown.  I might have to rename them huh?

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Oh, what a terrific idea! I’m going to try that!!


I am telling you, sunflower susans, thats the name!
Go check out the pic I posted on my blog of our girls. I totally love it. They are awesome!!

my step mom called them refrigerator cookies. i still haven’t made them for my kiddos but i will! your pickle jar looks refreshing!

I’d heard the name Charlie Brown Cookies before but had no idea what they were! Might have to make them now.

I awarded you a blogging award… see my blog to claim it!

Oh your “Charlie Browns” take me back to my childhood! My mom always made these but we called them “Candy Cookies” and boy were they delicious. I can understand why you can’t keep your hands off them.