The First Signs of Spring


I started enough seeds a couple of weeks ago for me and Jessica and whom ever else needs or wants some. Most all of them sprouted.


So yesterday I decided it was time to put them in little pots to begin their journey towards my new herb bed or one of their other new homes.


I cut newspaper circles with my handy dandy Fiskers circle cutter to put in the bottom of the pots (keeps the soil from falling through the little hole in the bottom).



See how nicely they fit!



Then I labeled the pots. I had numbered my trays and then kept a little notebook with the names/numbers of what I planted.


Adding a little potting soil.


A little water.


Seedlings and then a little more water…


Awww…aren’t they adorable!? I will begin hardening them over the next couple of weeks in preparation for their new bed. These are all culinary herbs ~ 3 kinds of basil, chives, thyme, 3 kinds of parsley plus cilantro, oregano, spearmint, sage – no rosemary as I have a HUGE rosemary plant I hope to transplant as well. I think I will make a trip to the nursery when the bed is ready and put in a little medicinal section as well. Borage, St. Johns, Lambs Ears, Chamomile, Comfrey (if I can find some).

This warm weather lately has inspired me!

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Love your seedlings….here is a tip on rosemary. It can be hard to propagate from cuttings….but there is a trick.

If you’ve heard of it, sorry to tell you again…

If you put the rosemary clippings in a GREEN tinted jar or green vase, they will take off…..

I don’t even remember where I learned this trick but it really does work. 🙂


WOW – GREAT HINT! I didnt know that but will give it a whirl…guess tonight I will have to polish off the bottle of wine I have in the frig so I can have the bottle!

We are on the same wavelength I do believe. Yesterday i spent most of the morning transplanting all of my herbs into my new garden boxes. Thus far I only have garlic and common chives, lemon and common thyme, several mints, & rosemary. I can NEVER get seedlings to take. I don’t know what I do wrong but I think it is too much water. I usually have to rely on whatever the feed store brings in from Burpee.

I can’t wait! How fancy would I be if before long I could make Rosemary Bread with rosemary I picked from my own plant? Watch out Martha!

This will also save me a fortune since I won’t have to buy my herbs from the store anymore and save me from throwing tantrums when they don’t have what I need. 😉

I’ve got spring fever in a bad way, too…I potted several herbs this morning. I’m heading back outside to repot a few more.

I think I’ll give the rosemary rooting trick a try. Just for the fun of it.

There’s some great tips here Susan. Thanks so much for sharing!


Hi Susan,
Boy, I need to get started here and my seedlings.
A note about mints. Be sure to plant them with plenty of their own space or trim them a lot because they grow and spread like crazy.
But maybe you already knew that. 🙂

Yep…I have had mint issues before. I got a “stern talking to” about letting them get out of their containers!

love your seedlings! you have a wonderful start to a herb garden! you go girl!