Thoughtful Thursday

I am trying to keep my chin up today.  It might be a little difficult.  My phone rang at 4 am this morning.  It was Husband.  His flight out of  Tunis had been canceled and he was waiting on the next one…something about birds damaging the plane upon landing or something.  I don’t know – all I heard was I will be Friday getting home.  Then my ears started ringing and my eyes watering.  I am THANKFUL he didnt get on the plane only to find out after the fact it was damaged, you know?  But still.  I am disappointed to say the least.  I am fairly certain he caught the next flight and he will spend the night in Paris and head home, same flights just different day.  I am anxious to hear that he made it to Paris safe and sound. His plane should land any minute.  I suppose if you have to get stuck somewhere, there are much worse places than Paris!

I am preparing some other posts for today since my whole day’s schedule has been changed.  And I will try to be more cheerful in them!

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I’m so sorry that things aren’t working out as you planned. Thank God your husband didn’t get on that plane though. Take all the time you need to be sad….we’ll wait for you 🙂