Wow, my front yard is noisy in the morning!

I am sitting on my front porch drinking coffee for the first time this year.  Why does coffee just taste so much better on a porch?  The thermometer says 56 degrees which is just about perfect (in my opinion).  “Sleeve weather” as my granny used to say.  The sun is just up over the trees and it is to be a warm day with the forecast calling for 77.  I have plans to repot my herbs that have sprang up like weeds in my living room windows.  And pull the rest of the carrots out of the garden.  And time to think about what to spruce up my porch with.  It looks very “wintery” – empty flower pots and just…bare. It needs a little color.

Today my girls and their VERY good friend, Chelsea, are headed to Shreveport to see a movie and do a little shopping. A girl day.  I had considered going with them but they are old enough to go it alone.  They will have a great time.  I have a little list of things I hope they will pick up for me, save me a trip you know.

I will be posting some pictures later.  The old depot I talked about earlier and some pictures of my herbs.

I am happy to say I do believe Spring is just around the corner.  Now if my nose can come to terms with it, even with the help of Claritin, then all will be well.

Have a great day and stay tuned for photos! Oh…and the March giveaway is coming up too!

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I agree, there is something different about a cup on the porch with the birds chirping. Sadly, I think I’ve got another month or so before it’s warm enough (or dry enough) up here in the NW.

Susan, Your early morning coffee and sitting on the porch is something I do… and I am right there with you!

Have a blissful day,
Victoria in Houston

I love sitting on my back porch in the morning, usually with a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate! The grackles came through a few weeks ago, always a harbinger of Spring, and made such a racket in the trees they had the chickens going as well! Honestly.
Your girls’ day of shopping and fun sounds just perfect. We all need a day like that every now and then. 🙂
Oh, did you get my e-mail ?

I just love you blog and yes coffee is always better on the porch. I have a porch,but I sure miss sitting on my parents porch in the country. I read you talked about Shreveport.If you don’t mind do you mean Louisiana? I am from that area.