~April’s GREEN SPRING Giveaway~DAY 2

Finally I am getting around to posting the second blurb about this lovely giveaway….okay so you have the hint about the apron.  LOVELY fabric…here’s a reminder:


Now for the second hint: It is something that is a FAVORITE thing I collect.  Yeah, I should keep it!!! But I have sooo many, I think I should share one…a VINTAGE PIE PLATE!  yep.  I am going to part with one!  I will try to update this post and get a picture up – my camera battery is dead!  So check back.

Here is your second chance to enter the giveaway.  Leave me a comment and tell me what your FAVORITE pie is! I really want to know!  Mine is Strawberry Pie.  And I will be making one today or tomorrow.  I bought a flat of strawberries on the way home from taking Husband to the airport yesterday.  I do love me some strawberries!

Have a great Tuesday and here is a thought for you:

It is not wise to rush about. ~  Lao Tzu

I think I shall heed this today…I have so much to do but if I rush, I am going to miss something or mess something up that will have to be re-done.

Tami if you read this, I swear I am finishing your apron!!!

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Well, I can’t resist this giveaway! The fabric is gorgeous. My favourite pie is Uncooked Strawberry Pie, I have it for my birthday every year. (much better than cake)
Have a great week!

My favorite pie is called a raspberry cream pie. It has a cookie crust and then a layer of sweetened cream cheese and a raspberry in jello like top. I don’t have the recipe and my friend who owns the bakery that makes it won’t give it to me. But it’s delicious!

Oh Mary don’t fret! I have the recipe and I will post it tomorrow if I have time, if not VERY soon. I made myself a note so I wouldnt forget! My mom made it EVERY big holiday gathering. And it is DELICIOUS!!! I love it made with strawberries too. So stay tuned.

Pies pies pies!!
My most favorite pie is dutch apple with the cinnamon and sugar crumb topping. It always reminds me of fall. Even though, fall is not on my top two favortie seasons of the year, this pie always reminds me of my Mom’s house during that time. Sweet sweet memories and ooh the sweet sweet pie! 🙂 <3


My favorite pie is a “touche” (not sure of the spelling) pie. It is a meat pie made with pork and beef and potatoes with a regular pie crust. We always had them at Christmas when I was growing up. We ate our meals from vintage pie tins when I was little and played with others in the sand.

Berries! I love any kind of berry pie…strawberry, blueberry you name it, I love it! Warm and with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream…ah, bliss.


Rhubarb pie is my favorite, hands down.


Hmm, favorite pie. I make pies more out of love than hunger. So depending on who I have in mind at the moment (namely who is gonna be sitting with fork at the ready), that is my favorite. My favorite to make for my mom is lemon meringue, for son Jason, hands down, is apple. Other son Joshua can eat an entire pumpkin pie at one sitting. Hubby’s favorite is cheesecake so that doesn’t quite count! Years ago when I had rhubarb in my New England garden, it was strawberry rhubarb. Maybe my favorite dessert in France counts…..I love flan, so I need to find a decent recipe and start making my own!! Oh, Monsieur Google…..?!

Well, I did not comment on your previous post, but I just HAVE to now! I DO love that fabric and here’s why: peridot is my birthstone and that green is peridot green…and, as well, those heart shapes in the pattern. My favorite shape, not only for its aesthetic quality, but also for what hearts stand for. I don’t mean just “puppy love” kind of love, but REAL love, and the basis of everything. The heart of the matter, so to speak.

Now to pies….my very favorite pie is fresh ollaliberry pie–the individual sized pies. Sweet, plump, fresh berries in a lovely syrup, nestled in a perfect, tender, flaky crust, and some heavy, thick whipped cream on top. What could be more prefect on a hot summer day! Here where I dwell, we can get those ollaliberry pies for only two weeks in June…so they are indeed special.

I love classic cherry pie, but I don’t get it too often since my husbands passion for french silk with a merangue crust is so strong. But, all pie is good. I grew up eating it for dessert and then polishing off the leftovers for breakfast, so I really can’t ever get enough.


Oh, i love anything vintage! And i love pie. I think my favorite is apple pie, but cherry is a really close second.

Oh really almost any pie is wonderful but I have to admit my favorite is Fresh Peach Pie.

But strawberry is a close 2nd! Can’t wait to see the recipe.

Your giveaway sounds wonderful too! Hope I win.


It is not wise to rush about. ~ Lao Tzu

I’m laughing cause I don’t rush anywhere – evah – if I can help it. I am, after all, The Queen of ProCrasty Nation!

My favorite pie is Chess Pie. Easy to make – just a pie shell, eggs, sugar and a few other ingredients. It’s fun to tell people it has little chesses in it. Most nod as if they know exactly what you are talking about. I always get a little giggle to myself.

But I mostly love it cause the recipe was given to us by our beloved Great Aunt Mildred. Just the aroma of it takes me back to child hood. Wonder if I have enough eggs to fix one today?


I love Coconut Chess Pie. It is so easy to make and I always have the ingridients. I am making two this weekend for Easter.

Strawberry, blueberry, rhubarb~ I love them all! 😀 Apple pie is an autumn favorite. The green fabric is so cute!


mmm homemade lemon pie is one of my favs!!

Strawberry pie! YUM!! But alas, homemade lemon icebox pie is my all time favorite!! with coconut pie coming in a close second!

There was a lovely lady that I went to church with who made the most ever awesome lemon pie on the face of the earth! When our meeting started at church and we had dinner on the ground, she always brought her pie! I would make a mad dash to get a piece before I got my food because I knew I would not get any if I didn’t get dessert first! She went to the Lord several years ago and her recipe went with her. She has 2 daughters but neither of them can make her pie! What a loss!


I love that fabric, and I love all things vintage!

My favorite pie is pecan pie! It is sooo good.

Sarah –

Oh, I love dutch apple pie. I recently had rhubarb pie for the first time and that was fantastic! I love homemade pumpkin pie with fresh pumpkin, but nothing beats dutch apple!

Shelley C

I am a fairly good pie baker….had lots of practice growing up and Mom had a great recipe for the dough. MY favorite is pecan pie…warmed and served with whipped cream. YUM!! I rarely make it for myself because no one else likes it so I HAVE to eat the WHOLE thing!!!! Not good for my obesity….I’m beginning to salivate…yikes!

MoniQ in WI

Pumpkin! Love the apron fabric.

What a cute give-away…my favorite pie is coconut cream pie…with whipped topping!!!!!! And toasted coconut on top!! Served really cold….wow, all of a sudden I’m in the mood to eat pie… 🙂


What a generous giveaway!! My favorite pie — has to be blueberry/cherry. I know that it sounds weird but it is delicious. The two berries are mixed together and the sweetness is so amazing. Please enter my name — thanks. Joanne ~~

Mmmm, my favorite pie is lemon meringue without a doubt…coconut cream runs a close second. I’ve still not used the pie birds I bought from you, and I need to do that.

Love, love, love this giveaway…

It’s hard to say my favorite pie because it usually depends on my mood. When I am in a sassy mood I like Lemon Chiffon. When I want a comfort food it would be banana cream (my fav as a kid). If I want something hearty it is pecan. And lastly, if I am at a diner I like rhubarb.

Gina M.

How cute! I love all kinds of pie but I think I’ll have to pick blackberry.

Mmmm. Pie. My favoritest, all-time most craved pie is Key Lime Pie.


My favourite pie is rhubarb custard pie, made with fresh spring rhubarb from the garden. Yum Yum


Tossup between chocolate creme (mmmm) and peach. more mmmmm.

My favorite pie is lemon meringue but it has to be a bit tart. When I crave one I have to make it myself and I add a bit of the lemon rine to the filling to give it the tartness..

French Apple! Some might call it Dutch Apple. Green apples picked off the neighbors tree (permission granted). Brown sugar, flour and butter crumbly stuff on top. Yum!


In the Spring? Strawberry!! With lots of whipped cream! 🙂 In the fall/winter, pumpkin chiffon.

The fabric matches one of MY vintage pie plates! Pumpkin is my all time favorite!

Pies are wonderful things and one of the main food groups! My favorite is a flaky crust–oh, you want filling?? OK, my favorite is fresh cherry with fresh peach right behind–


well for years it was lemon meringue pie, but my nephew gave me a great recipe for key lime pie. so now i make baby key lime pies and they are umm umm good. oh and i also have been making pretty tasty chicken pot pies.

thanks for the chance to win the pie plate, if i win i will put it to good use

marianne 🙂

My favorite pie is French Coconut..sort of like a macaroon with crust, followed closely by Kahlua pie. Yum!


my favorite pie is wild huckleberry pie*homemade of course* and second has to be wild blackberry pie and its oh so good cause i did all the work of picking the berries and getting pricked while doing it and then it is soooo yummy. i like other pies too but those are the best for me.

gonna have to look up ice box lemon pie sounds good


Oh it’s so hard to pick one type of pie. I love pie, everything about it…i really like blackberry/peach pie. and pumpkin..and apple..and sweet potato…OH I JUST LIKE PIE!!


Banana cream pie or lemon meringue!

OH Susan, Pie. I Love all kinds of pies. Meat pies, fruit pies, custard pies, you name it I love it. If I had to be pressed to pick an absolute favourite it would be a toss up between Lemon Meringue and Raisin!


my fqv is the boring old stand by apple…with crumb crust. I’ve got a bunch of apples in the basement that I should make one out of…some of them are not as crisp at the day I bought them. pretty fabric!


Well my husband is the pie freak in our house..anything with a crust! My fav would have to be warm apple pie with a strong cup of coffee and a close friend to share with..

What a beautiful design of the fabric. I love antique. I don’t have any vintage pie plate and apron.

I love all pies. No favorite. In fall season, I love pecan pie. For spring season, I love strawberry pie. Key Lime Pie is perfect match for apron.

I would love to have my name entered in your drawing!

Key Lime is my favorite pie, with banana cream a close second. 🙂 Mmmm. I don’t make my own key lime pies but I do knock out a killer banana cream. Mile high and full of bananas with coconut sprinkled on top. I love pie. 🙂


My absolute favourite pie is wild blueberry pie. Flaky crust piled high with hundreds of tiny, burst in your mouth wild blueberries. Freshly picked preferable but frozen will do in a pinch!


Oh what a fabulous giveaway! I love pie, all pies. My favorite though would be Lemon Cream Cheese with graham cracker crust. YUM!

Hi sweetie.. one must thank Susie and SQB for my visit and I wanted to say, love vintage aprons and vintage things!!

Drop on in at my blog as I have done oodles of things, including recycling items like jeans into aprons and towels into bibs. (older posts)

I’d love to have this apron to my collection and hope to see your smiling face view my blog.

Have a great day.


My all time favorite pie is Sour Cream Raisin. And I love the fabric for the apron.


Happy Easter! My husband’s grandmother made an
“Old Fashioned Cream” Pie and now his mom makes it.
We both really like it. Thanks, Cindi


That fabric is very pretty. My favorite pie is blueberry, but pumpkin is a close second, or maybe custard. I really like homemade pie.