~April’s GREEN SPRING Giveaway~DAY 2

Finally I am getting around to posting the second blurb about this lovely giveaway….okay so you have the hint about the apron.  LOVELY fabric…here’s a reminder:


Now for the second hint: It is something that is a FAVORITE thing I collect.  Yeah, I should keep it!!! But I have sooo many, I think I should share one…a VINTAGE PIE PLATE!  yep.  I am going to part with one!  I will try to update this post and get a picture up – my camera battery is dead!  So check back.

Here is your second chance to enter the giveaway.  Leave me a comment and tell me what your FAVORITE pie is! I really want to know!  Mine is Strawberry Pie.  And I will be making one today or tomorrow.  I bought a flat of strawberries on the way home from taking Husband to the airport yesterday.  I do love me some strawberries!

Have a great Tuesday and here is a thought for you:

It is not wise to rush about. ~  Lao Tzu

I think I shall heed this today…I have so much to do but if I rush, I am going to miss something or mess something up that will have to be re-done.

Tami if you read this, I swear I am finishing your apron!!!

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Well, I have been rushing about far too much! My favorite pie? Pumpkin! I love, love, love pumpkin pie! ~Kelly

Sharon D.

That fabric is so pretty! Thank you for entering me.

My favorite pie is Blueberry or French Apple Pie with raisins and a confectioner’s glaze. I love pies and am finally able to make them. For the longest time they intimidated me until I moved out here to the state of Colorado. I quickly learned how to make pies after my cakes would be flops 🙂

My Mum’s ‘Caramel Pie’ is my all time absolute favourite.
thanks for the opportunity to enter.
Kind Regards

I adore strawberry rhubarb pie, the ONLY time my family ever gets it is when the fire department has dinners, which they won’t anymore 🙁 it’s only list of recipes to learn how to make while I’m at college.


Lemon Meringue, BUT with Whipped Cream instead of the Meringue – I can never get mine to set just so and it either weeps or separates and puddles.

Strawberry/Rhubarb pie. My grandma made one years ago and I’ve never forgotten it. I loved the flavors (I had never had rhubarb before). I’ve tried other similar pies since, but nothing compares to that one Gram made. She gave me the recipe, but I’m afraid to make it, afraid it won’t measure up to the one she made.

Amy Grace

I have two – sour cream raisin and sour cream lemon!! MMM MMM MMM. I need to practice my pie crusts – I never had a grandma teach me and trying to teach yourself from a cookbook is challenging.
Thanks Susan
Amy Grace – graciegreeneyes @ MJF

My absolute favorite pie is strawberry rhubarb. I love it! (and the fabric and pie dish!!)

OOhhhhh I love strawberry pies and my favourite is Apple and Rhubarb. But then I love raspberry pie too….and Apricot pie and and and…….I just love pies!!

My favorite pie?? Oh, that would definitely be French Silk. I’ve perfected my recipe, and get requests for it all the time! I enjoy it just as much as everyone else!!


That green fabric is so sweet and cheery looking.

My favorite kind of pie is good old fashioned Apple Pie! Yummy! I love all kinds of pie, though!