~April’s GREEN SPRING Giveaway~DAY 3

We have arrived at DAY 3 or better yet, GOODY 3 of NotQuiteJuneCleaver’s April’s Green Spring Giveaway! Just so you know ahead of time, I am waiting on one of your goodies to arrive by post so you may or may not know what it is before the giveaway on Monday.  But it will be worth the wait!  It is being donated to this giveaway by my dear friend Tina over at My Victory Garden…so you know that will something special, and Springy and green! But for today’s addition: Think retro, think cooking, think collectible…should I show you a picture???  Oh, okay, here you go:


I mean, come on, is that a great cover or what?  Man, I want that table and stool!  Used to have both! Jessica when you read this you will remember the kitchen stool I am talking about.  We just discussed it recently when we were looking at old photos.  I have to find another!  SO Retro!

Okay, you know what to do here! Want another chance?  Leave another comment.  This time tell me about your first memory of baking something ALL BY YOURSELF.  Here is my memory.  I was in high school we lived in the house I live next door to now, commonly referred to as “the yellow house” – no longer yellow, no longer in the family.  Anywho, I decided for some reason, maybe to try to impress my boyfriend, whose mom might have rivaled any baker I had ever heard of, I decided to bake bread.  Yep, crazy for your first baking project, but I like to jump right in!  Anyway, when The Boyfriend who happens now to be The Husband 😉 came over he was VERY impressed.  And for good reason, that might have been the finest loaf of bread I have ever baked.  It was perfect.  Beautiful!  We ate the whole loaf that evening.  As far as I remember I never baked another thing until after we were married for a while.  That was pretty much the only entry in my Kitchen Resume at the time.  I couldn’t boil and egg when we got married.  But after I had my own kitchen I quickly got the hang of it. With his help.  I think he was just born with the “cooking gene”.

Alrighty, see you happy people later.  Happy Spring Holidays, whichever you celebrate!

I have to get rolling this morning.  We have company coming for supper this evening.  Homemade waffles are the menu.  With the traditional syrup or whipped cream and a variety of fresh berries.  YUM.  I will try to snap a few pictures if I remember.

I know this weekend will be a busy one for everyone, so if I don’t see you around before, I will talk at you Monday and announce the winner.  Boy, this mason jar is getting full!

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The first thing I baked myself was chocolate chip cookies. My mom didn’t do much baking anymore, as she was working full time, and my sisters and I loved those baked treats, so I dug in! I don’t recall if that first batch was great or not, but I know I made MANY more batches after that, and still do to this day!

Out of baking, baking bread is my ALL time favorite.

I absolutely LOVE the table and stool. I think some company still makes stools like that….

When I was little (like 4ish) I LOVED rice crispy squares, so I decided I would watch my mom make them and try it on my own. I knew I was too young to use the stove, but we had a microwave (think late 70s) and I knew I could do it with that for sure! I ended up with a plate full of a buttery marshmallow blob with crispies scattered on the top.

I sure did eat it though…

I honestly don’t remember the first thing I baked. My mom was too busy with 5 kids all one year apart to spend time teaching us how to bake when we were kids. I do recall, in junior high, my girlfriend and I tried to bake a cake. It came out about 1/2 inch high….that’s when I decided cakes are not my thing (a premature decision, but to this day I rarely bake cakes). Somewhere along the way I learned how to bake really excellent cookies though!

Wow, I don’t think I baked until college. I worked in a restaurant for years so I never cooked for myself. Until I quit to go work in a bookstore. Fell in love with cookbooks!

First thing I tackled was bagels. So easy and so much fun! I threw in some cinnamon, chopped up and whithering apple and voila!, apple-cinnamon bagels!

Lately I have begun playing with no-knead bread recipes and rediscovered a joy for baking.

Ok hands down I can cook up a storm till you ask me to bake something…. Nothing turns out right, I just can’t bake.
Cakes and brownies come out flat, so if baking is to be done in this house my husband does it. 😀
I love the table and stool too… I want to do my kitchen in Red and white and have a table like that one in white with red trim. I remember my mom having a stool like that one only in blue…

I miss that stool! It was like that only it had the little foldy outty footstool part. I also remember how heavy it was, you DID NOT want to accidently drop the foot part on the top of your foot.

I think it was a regular old box cake. Chocolate. I was in Jr. High, volunteering childcare for a mother’s ministry class at my church. So I made a big old cake and decorated different segments of it to show the story of creation from the first chapters of Genesis. It actually came out really cool, I don’t know that I could replicate that now.


Hmmm I was probably 9 or 10 the first time I baked by myself. Cake from a mix of course! It seems I have always baked, so I am not sure! I do remember the first time I made a cake from scratch. It took ALL day it seemed like and was messy. It was edible but not perfect. I was so proud of myself for baking a scratch cake! I was probably about 17.

The first thing I ever baked by myself was cinnamon pinwheels, made with pie crust, cinnamon, sugar and butter. Mmm.
Roll out the dough, spread it with butter, sprinkle on the cinnamon and sugar and roll it up. Slice every inch or so, place each pinwheel on a baking sheet and bake at 350 for twenty minutes, or until lightly browned. My grandmother made these with her leftover pie dough and they were my absolute favorite. I still make them today. 🙂

I think the first thing I ever baked by myself was chocolate chip cookies at my grandmother’s cottage. The thing I most remember about it was that she let me lick the beater. Mom never ever let us lick the beater because she was afraid of salmonella poisoning.

By the way, I’m baking that pie right now! Yippee!

The first thing I ever baked was a cake! My mother was about to get in the bath and I asked her if I could bake a cake. Sure, she said. She asked me if I needed her help and I told her I could do it. So after I got it in the oven, I approached her in the bathroom. I held up this box and asked her what was I supposed to do with it. She looked at me puzzled and said, “Thats your cake mix”. I told her my cake was already baking. She got out of the tub and went straight to the kitchen, opened the oven, only to find my oil, water and eggs sitting there boiling proudly as ever!!

I think that was the most I had ever seen my mother laugh at one time. 🙂

In both my mothers and grandmothers kitchen were little wooden stools made by my father and grandfather. These little stools were just the correct height for a small person to step up to and when taller see what was happening on the kitchen bench. I have both of these stools today and hopefully my grandchildren will also use them to see what is hapenning on the bench. As a small child we were al encourage to help gather vegetables from the garden for the table and wash and prepare them for cooking that is probably my earliest memory from about 4.


I never had to cook much because my mom and grandmother loved to and would rather not have me messing things up for them. But the first time I made brownies I forgot to put the eggs in. The brownies were so flat and hard that I could hardly get them out of the pan. What a waste of chocolate!!

I made cookie faces from the betty crocker kids cookie book. They were made of pie crust with sugar and gum drop eyes. They tasted like…..pie crust with sugar on top. NOT a cookie, no matter how cute. 🙂

Hey that’s me on that cover! Heehee! I love, love, love it! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

I forgot to share – Um I don’t really remember the first time I baked something, but I do remember, as a young teen, fixing my mother and father an anniversary dinner. I went all out. Formal dining room, china, tablecloth, everything. All the food was served flambe! Ha! Dad recalls an awful lot of dishes in the kitchen and evening plans out for me about when it was dish washing time. Things may not have changed much over the years – I still like flames and don’t like dishes! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

I too dont remember my first thing I baked all by myself as I used to help Mum all the time with the cooking. But I do remember one time not long after I got married…I would have been around 18 then…anyway, I decided I wanted some fresh mushrooms. So I went out to the farmers paddocks, they would grow all over them way back then, and I picked a bucket full. Yummm!! I got home and put them all in a big pot to cook them up and after they cooked I served them up to my husband and Ewwww Yukkk!!! Sandy!!! I forgot to wash them!! So the whole pot went in the bin. I was so upset and a lesson was learnt 🙂

I love the book too!


how cute!! I don’t really have a memory of my very first baking experience. But I have seen a picture of my and my brother baking a gingerbread house when i was really young, and we’re both covered in flour.


OMGosh!!! We used to have that stool in my family growing up, too! It had red cushions, LOL! The seat was torn all to shreds by the time I came along.

I bloghopped over here from Summer Sadie’s blog.

I clearly remember the first thing I ever baked. It was a ‘chocolate cake.’ I emphasize this because it was some sort of mix in a paper packet which I mixed with either water or milk. I then poured it into a very small pan and set it to ‘bake’ in my brand new Easy Bake Oven. When the light bulb that doubled as a heat source finally finished ‘baking’ my cake, I removed it from the ‘oven,’ set it on a plate and attempted to cut the hardened disk! The plastic knife broke and so did my seven year old heart! Lucky for me my love of baking didn’t die that day, just my tastbuds!!!

I was going to make biscuits and wow my boyfriend when I moved into my first apartment. Instead of self-rising flour, I used all-purpose with no leavening. We could have used them as skeet they were so hard. My biscuit baking has come a long way since then…than goodness.

I’m loving this giveaway.

Lovely giveaway! Ok….my first memory of baking would have to be peanut butter cookies when I was about 13. Wish I still had the recipe, cause they were delicious!

The first time I baked anything was in High School Economics class…Snickerdoodles! My mom wasn’t much of a baker or cook. God Bless her but if it didn’t originate from a box or grilled on the charcoal grill, then it was take out! I didn’t really learn to bake till I was grown. I’m still not great with baking yeast based breads, I rock at making cookies, brownies, and even Granny’s biscuits! Needless to say, this late blooming domestic diva needs all the help she can get which is why I LOVE the internet and blogging ladies like you!!!!


The first thing I ever made were cookies. They were for a party at school. I remember my mom looking on and when I started to stir the things together my mom looked over and said you are doing it backwards. I did not know what she meant at first but then I realized she saw it as being stirred in the opposite direction she did it because I am left handed and she is not. LOL But I always remember my first baking experience because of that. btw, the cookies came out ok a little browner then they should have been but it was the first time I’d baked myself. I usually watched mom do the baking from my perch on the countertop. She hated for me to sit up there and would usually shoo me off eventually. I did learn you have to clean up your own messes too!


I remember making pie dough cinnamon rolls with my granny’s leftover dough. They were super yummy to a small child, or maybe it was just the amount of love they were surrounded by.
My mother had the stool and table with matching chairs back in the day. Don’t know what happened to them. The retro remake of the stool is around because my daughter has one. Hum, will have to ask where she found it.


they have the retro kitchen stool on line at Target.


As a little girl I learned to bake standing on a chair at the counter by my mother’s side. I remember her giving me small amounts of pastry to roll and make my own “pies” with cinnamon, raisons or jam. Once I made Pepper Balls, pastry balls rolled in black pepper – Yum. Thank you mom for teaching me how to bake the most special ingredient of all – love.

My mother was not someone who enjoyed having kids in her kitchen, and so when I was a girl I was often banished off to another room. My gran however loved having me around and my first baking experience was making her wonderful rolled out soft molasses cookies with her in her kitchen with the oil cloth floor and painted wooden table. To this day they are my favourite cookies, and that is one of my favourite memories. I would so love a chrome table and chairs. I used to have my mom’s old one when I first got married and what I wouldn’t give to still have it!

Well, I had to use a few brain cells and then it came to me! My first baking experience was with an easy bake oven…remember those…I burned the tar outa my hand…that is why it is a painful memory…LOL!

Well I remember those red stools…I wish I could find one today! I used to sit on one and watch my Mamaw make biscuits of a mornin’!

Oh…and by the way…I enjoy your blog so much and would like to invite you and any of your readers on over to my own Spring Giveaway!

Have a Happy Weekend!☼


I love reading all these comments about what we gals attempted the first time around. For me it was banana bread, which I still love to make. It is a favorite of my sons, so occasionally I will bake a loaf and then zip it off in the post to them in Florida. Just love when the postal worker asks if there is anything (liquid, hazardous) or dangerous and I reply “just my banana bread”!


My first baking project was a Jiffy cake mix. My mother told me to wait until she got home from work to make the cake, but I couldn’t wait and mixed it up and baked it. However, I didn’t read the directions very well, it said add so much water, mix, add so much more water, mix then bake. I only added the first water, so I had very thick batter and the cake was hard and not very tasty. No matter, my brothers ate it anyway.

P.S. Now, I can bake most anything.



my first “baking” experience was in an easy bake oven. mom set it up on the dining room table and i guess like most other people, i burned myself bad. i still have a scar. i’ll never forget it haha. luckily it didn’t stop me from realizing that baking is my real passion in life.

hey gal..I really hope you have received the item by posty now. oh love that table I have told my hubby that we will definitely need to acquire a 50’s style table for our new home, especially since I have been collecting 50’s style roosters/chickens for months now to go in a kitchen that will be red/white, and jadeite green colors.


Believe it or not I was 20 years old before I baked anything by myself. My new hubbies Grandma took me under her loving arms and taught me how to cook, bake and garden. What a dear!! So the first thing I ever baked on my own and all by my self was a loaf of bread. It turned out great and we ate it all … it was yummy. Needless to say my girls were much much younger when I taught them the same lessons I learned from Grandma Britt.