~April's GREEN SPRING Giveaway~


Spring has sprung,

The grass is green,

Hear the little birdies sing?

Hey! It’s that time again! I told myself I would do a giveaway every month this year so, it’s time for April’s Giveaway!  This one will be pretty great!  Not only will there be an apron made by me, but THREE other goodies…and as usual they will be some of my favorite things!! I will give you a few little hints along the way this week.  For today,  I will just give you a little peek at the apron fabric.


Spring is all about GREEN…and I have had this fabric a long time and LOVE it.  It’s just one of those pieces I have just not gotten around to, you know?  So now I have to! It’s a nice middle weight fabric that will make a beautiful apron for one of you!

Now here’s the skinny on the giveaway:

  1. You have to share the love.  The more the merrier.  Yeah, yeah, I know you think it cuts into your chances of winning but come one, friends share! So if you don’t have a blog, email your friends and tell them to pop over here.
  2. You have to leave a comment.  And come one ladies, not just a “Hey, enter my name.”  Tell me a bit about yourself, about what Spring is bringing your way and if you do have a blog, LEAVE a link so the other readers and I can find you!
  3. There will be 4 items (think green, spring, books, flowers, gardening…hint hint!) in this giveaway and each item will be “discussed” on a different day so…if you leave a comment on every post associated with this giveaway (4 posts) then you will be entered each day!  So you can up your chances of winning!
  4. The winner’s name will be drawn from the now VERY famous mason jar on Monday April 13th.

Good Luck everyone!  And here is you a button to post on your blog or attach to an email!

buttonspringJust right click on it and save!

If I have left anything out, I will catch you tomorrow!

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Well of course I would love to enter your giveaway.

I am a big apron lover and collector.

Spring has got to be one of the nicest times of the year. I love when all the flowers start to bloom and sitting outside becomes possilbe once again. The days are getting longer and the weather is almost always perfect, not to hot but not to cold.

The birds are singing again and little baby birds are popping up all over.

Spring is a romantic time of the year.

I’ve been a follower of your blog for a long time. Though I don’t always leave messages I do read your blog. I have a blog too and hope you stop by and read mine too.


what a sweet giveaway! the green fabric is very “springy”. I love this time of year, getting the patio ready for summer dinners and of course pie baking! my favorite is blueberry but there are not many that I don’t like. Pop on over for my 100th post give-away!


How fun to see different parts of the prize over the week. I will definitely be popping back in to see what is added. The apron fabric is sweet. I have just started wearing aprons and love them! They make me feel feminine in my house full of boys!

Green! How fun! That’s my favorite color. 😉 I have just started wearing aprons~ I got one as a Christmas gift and I love it! My gran’s always wore aprons. And I love all things vintage! :-)) Thanks for welcoming spring in such a fun way!

Spring here in Arizona goes quickly, so I try to enjoy every single second of it. Orange blossoms, freshly cut grass, cool temps, but not too cool, sunshine…my favorite parts of Spring. Great giveaway! I posted about it on my family blog. I also have another blog with a great group of girls called The Secret Stitch Club. We love aprons. No, I said that wrong. We L-O-V-E aprons! There, that’s better. Here is our blog: You were one of our inspirations when starting to sew. So thanks! (Does flattery get you any extra entries? Hee hee)

I live in Central Florida I couldn’t wait for Spring this year so I could plant a garden. My grandkids think it’s really cool tht we have corn growing in the back yard, and they can’t wait to eat it…

I love green–it’s my favorite color! Spring here is white–lots of snow still on the ground (and deck and roof and…) The temp is 20 degrees–that is below freezing!!


spring is just plain fun. i have a list of things i am going to do this year that did not get done last year or even any year before. i love fresh spring mornings and the longer afternoons into evenings. seeing plants come back from what i thought was the dead zone and bloom bigger than anything. i have tried planting a few more veggies this year. i also want to cook better this year. i am also loving all the creatures visiting my yard…birds, doves, lizards, bees, humming birds, butterflies, dragonflies, frog. i am a bit sad as i think this will be the last spring i will spend with my dear sweet cat, rockie. he is 14 years old and his arthritis is setting in hard. when do you decide this is the day you say goodbye to a good friend who has been there for your thru alot of lifes tough times. he always has an ear to scratch and a tummy to rub, he helped me thru some rough spots and i will miss him.
thank you for the chance to win so many fun gifts
marianne 🙂


I adore spring. My children can play outside, the weather is (usually) warmer and there is promise of new growth. I love the warmth after the long, cold winter and the green that is everywhere. I love getting in the dirt and starting our garden also. We just bought our house last year, so we have a lot of landscaping to do, and i love that I get to start doing it in the spring. Little toes in the mud, my hands in the dirt, working outside with my family…Spring is my favorite by far.

Spring? We had 3 inches of snow yesterday and the sheep are NOT happy! We sheared Saturday on the ONLY dry day of the week and the sheep thought it all a cruel joke. Today was a bit warmer, some of the snow melted and the sheep are happier, mainly because they were able to graze and I fed them sweet alfalfa hay and whole corn.
My work apron got plenty of use last Saturday -smile-.
My birthday is this Saturday and my plans are to enjoy myself.
Bloom where you’re planted and wear your prettiest apron.


Hi, We adopted a rescue puppy in the fall and with Spring, we can take her out in the fresh air and sunshine! The
daffodils and tulips are in full bloom and sprouts of green are popping up everywhere in my flower garden. I love your work and would love to be entered in your Green Spring
Giveaway Drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

Well, Susan, I will be posting about this Friday so watch for it! Spring has yet to hit SW Missouri. It snowed on Monday. What is with that? We had some sun today, but it is still cold. Ugh! I have bulbs coming up by the kitchen door, but sense we were not here last year, I have no clue as to what they are! I will be surprised. Now, if I could just keep them alive. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Hi Susan,

Great blog. I love everything about the spring besides the nights I still have to cut up my heat. In my neighborhood – Spring brings the beautiful colorful trees in whites, pinks and yellows that I love to see until the green leaves come. Also spring gives me a spirit to start outside fun. I have been working on my yard the last couple springs.


Hi, My name is Elaine and I am a quilter/quilt shop owner and love to eat! Spring has always been special to me. That first buttercup, newly green fields, blankets of dew in the early morning. The striking red colors of the daddy cardinals, the pure blue of the blue birds and the funny woodpeckers arriving to dine ala bird feeders in my yard. The tulip trees budding out, baby animals cavorting in the fields like wild banshees…everything about spring is special. I would like to invite you over to my blog for a giveaway. Thank you for yours. Best regards, Elaine
(I invite you to pass on the info for my giveaway.)

Hi I would love to join in on your fabulous giveaway. I am in Australia and have been sewing most of my life and have for the last 10 years or more been into patchwork and quilting and stitcheries and anything that can be sewn. I used to be a fanatic of Folk Art and Decorative Painting but now the sewing has taken over. I will be putting the cute picture up on my blog so pop on over and have a look 🙂 Thanks

Ohh, I LOVE spring!! Beatiful birds make their way into my yard, perennial bulbs start peeking through the dirt, the grass turns green, I’m starting my veggie plants, and this year, a new baby this spring (probably next week!) – what more can a girl ask for???

Spring still has not sprung up here in northwestern Minnesota. It’s either been floods from melting snow or blizzards bringing more snow. URG. I’m dying to get in my garden and see if I can actually get tomatoes to grow in it this year! You see, I don’t exactly have the greenest thumb but I try and every year I get a little better so I can’t complain too much. Until the weather warms up, I’m left to figure out my new sewing machine and learn to sew some cool new stuff! Wish me luck!


Hi! I bloghopped over here from Summer Sadie’s blog! I love aprons and I love to bake and make cakes and decorate them. Piped buttercream frosting is my favorite way to decorate cakes. I think fondant is cute, but it just doesn’t do it for me, LOL! I also tat (make handmade lace). As a matter of fact, my blog is all about tatting! You can visit my blog by either clicking on my name or copying and pasting this link into your browser window:

~TattingChic 🙂



I bloghopped from Oak Cottage…..Spring is in the air in England – I drove in the country saw a wind turbine, a tractor ploughing a field and daffodils lining the road and felt rejuvenated!!

Spring means I can really get down to accesorising the home with greens – I want to banish the reds I have at the moment and freshen up