Happy Earth Day 2009 ~ GIVEAWAY!


UPDATE: I will not be making your surprise gift for this giveaway because my friend over at  GirlyAprons is donating a lovely tote!  Sweet! Thanks Michelle!


I would love to hear how each of you is honoring Earth Day.  Take a moment to leave me a comment and I will put your name in the now VERY VERY famous mason jar,  for something VERY VERY special for Earth Day – nope not an apron this time…though that would be lovely wouldn’t it?  Nope one of my other most favorite possessions – a book.  And not just any book – Walden by Henry David Thoreau.  If you have read it, leave your comment anyway, ’cause if you dont have a copy of your own you should…and if you do have a copy, and happen to win, then give it away to someone who needs it. Oh…and there will be a little something I made to help you celebrate Earth Day everyday…but its a surprise!

I will draw for it on Friday before I leave for a extremely exciting trip that I am going to make you wait to hear about until I return….with PICTURES!  And this trip is ALL ABOUT APRONS! Oh okay…go here and you will know why I am so excited! Scroll down and check out April 25.  Yep…I am as good as there!

Guess you might be a bit curious about what I am doing.  Planting.  Yep.  Working in my garden.  In my flowers.  Doing as much outdoors tomorrow as possible. Rachel and I have a big day planned for tomorrow.

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Susan, I am honoring Earth Day… buy putting a bag of ladybugs I bought today in my garden… and watch them settle into their new home in my garden!

As a family we are not turning on any lights from about 7:30 to 9:00… instead I will light all the bee’s wax candles I have made…. from pure bee’s wax and recycled and vintage glass…

And lastly I will say a heartfelt prayer to the Earth for her healing… and to all people to care for our beautiful home we call Earth.

Many blessings,
Victoria in Houston


Hi Susan

Teaching the little ones at the preschool today a little more about gardening & being a good steward of the Earth. We’ll take a walk through out neighborhood & pick up trash & search for signs of Spring!!!



well at the moment i am blowing up biodegradable water balloons for my daughters b-day on friday.
i plan to take the kids our for a walk later this afternoon if the weather is still nice, or to the recycle center to recycle our old phone books

Hey Susan,

We try to be Earth friendly every day. Lately I’ve been reading up on landscaping/gardening with local plants. To this end we purchase a couple of Native plants from our UNC Botanical Gardens and I’ve been moving ferns and a few wildflowers from our woods to shady places in our yard. Free! and so much fun to hunt around (except for the ticks – eww.)

By the way, I just “knew” where you were going even before I clicked the link! Do post and tell all. I’m planning to do the same pilgrimage next week! So excited!!!!!!!!!


We try to be good stewards of the earth each and every day by reusing and recycling. We limit what we buy, which may not stimulate our sluggish economy, but does reduce our family’s trash output (I am continually amazed by how much garbage our neighbors have each week compared to us). We bought our first energy saving light bulb recently and plan to invest in more as the old bulbs expire. I hope to win your copy of Walden. What a perfect giveaway to commemorate Earth Day!


I’m honoring Earth Day by planting flowers, alot of them! Please enter me in the giveaway and thanks!

Geri Nyland

In honor of earth day me and my son brought all the recyclables to our recycling center up town. I am trying to teach him and I think he is really catching on great :o)


I honored it by being a class mom, and helping my son’s class make birdhouses.

Lesly Orf

We honored earth day by cleaning up our neighborhood. We were sick of the trash all over the place so we seperated it and are taking it to be recycled. Thanks.

Sharon A

We are planting our organic vegetable garden.

Kathy D

I cleaned and made the world a little brighter…. Thank you for the contest


For earthday I am doing some more work on my organic soon-to-be-fabulous garden, namely moving a large pile of compost from one side of the garden to the other, one wheelbarrowful at a time. I might do some digging too so I can see some of the earth worms at work – we have lots and I love them!!
Amy Grace – graciegreeneyes @ mjf

I actually try to make everyday earth day!
I keep tote bags in my car so I can grab them whenever I am headed to a store! I can’t get enough totes, I just love having them around for everything we do!!!
I also like to keep netted draw string bags with me for produce shopping.

Oh, I am late getting to this. I did some gardening yesterday. We have planted beans (both yellow and green), peas, potatoes and tomatoes!

Lisa C

I’m tending to my garden and planting all of my container pots. I’m also dividing hostas, wild poppy, etc…and moving them all around my gardens. Have a great trip….looks like a blast.

Diana K

I’ve been tending to my veggie garden, and instead of the usual flowers in my pots this year, I’ve put in lettuce and other veggies instead. I’m also starting my first compost this year.

christina singer

we are making Earth Day into Earth week here. I am putting the garden in tomorrow and plan to video it so I can send it to my little boy in Virginia, It’s a learning experience for him and he will help me harvest when he comes home for summer.


Our family prayed at our dinner table for the Earth!
I would love to win any wonderful prize giveaway on your
site. Many thanks, Cindi

Tiffany S.

We shut everything down for an hour last night. Thank you for the giveaway!

Kim V

We helped clean up a local park.
Thanks for giveaway!

Nicole D.

I’m honored Earth Day by cleaning up around our yard with my daughter.

wendy wallach

I am planning to plant flowers again in my yard for the first time in over five years.

madamerkf at aol dot com


we planted trees and did a city cleanup- and unfortunately the flu came with it

Leslie S.

We walked around our neighborhood picking up garbage and worked in our garden.Thanks!