Meet Fernando!

Warning: Fernando is a little green snake…so if you don’t care for snakes, you can skip this post !

Otherwise, click “continue reading“!


He’s about 12 inches long.ย  And seems to be fine in the aquarium. Benjamin has been after us to buy him a snake but Husband really didn’t like that idea.ย  But if we found one we could keep it.ย  Well today was the day!


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please tell me you have a screen over the top of that aquarium? **shutters** Good for you for being such a great mom…I’m afraid that will NEVER happen in this house!! Oh and BTW we have 6 new ducklings that hatched last night. ๐Ÿ™‚

Actually, a cookie sheet with books on top of that so the cats cant get to him. Ben has had a snake before. A little brown water snake – I did fine with him it was the mice I had to feed him that gave me the willies! We also had a tarantula for 3 or 4 years. Critters dont normally bother me. When the older three were young we had a little green snake and it got out in the house and we never found him. I am sure he found his way outside.

Awwww 6 ducklings! I bet they are cute. I hear I will have a chicken house by next Spring. I am looking at plans – I want it to be just right.


A chicken house!!! Keep me updated with the house plans and breeds!!!! Alvin just put a new floor in the wood shed today, so our chicken house is coming along nicely. Will buy wire tomorrow. Our coop will not be just right. It will just be. :0)

Susan – you are a better mother than I. Whew! A snake? I had a hard time with that circus picture much less bringing one home! You rock! Let’s meet online tomorrow? ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Will do my best! What time? Tomorrow evening we are having kids over – Husband’s last night home…he leaves for Tunisia on Monday morning. Not a better mom at all…just kinda like all the creepy crawlies…different strokes and all!

At least he won’t try and sleep with it like Hannah did. And hopefully he won’t cry as hard if you ever have to let him go. ๐Ÿ˜‰


YIKES! You know how I feel about snakes…. I have a bad phobia.
I think that is why God saw fit to give me girls who are afraid of them! LOL


Oh yeah, you know my nick name for my husband is “SHanando” ha ha

Having brought up three boys in addition to my two girls, I am well versed and used to snakes in the house, although admittedly the first couple of times they did freak me out a bit!

I’d welcome Fernando to my garden any day. Fernando’s color is beautiful!

A couple years back I spotted two green snakes entwined on a bush branch. That would have made a great Kodak moment…but I had no camera.


He’s a cute little guy! I’m fine with snakes as long as their not poisonous or temperamental. I think this is the 2nd chance to win the awesome give a way?!?

I had a small garter snake that I kept in a terrarium with plants and rock in it. The snake did great until I made the HUGE mistake of fertilizing the plants!! Please be careful you don’t poison the cute little guy. ๐Ÿ˜€


Your little snake is cute. I don’t mind snakes, just don’t like to be surprised by them. Last spring I was walking across the back yard and came across a small hole and oodles of garter snakes were coming out of it. Apparently they group together for the winter and they were just coming out to get on with a new season.


I had a snake once as a pet and loved him. I guess it was a him, I couldn’t really tell. He was a ball python, and about 16 inches long.

My mother had a pet snake once. Yes. My mother. And she was in her 50’s when she got it. Her tattoo too. Talk about a middle aged crisis :). But it was a cute snake. Sometimes she’d make me go get food for it though. Not fun!