National Apron Day Giveaway!

Oh yeah, I said the ‘g’ word again!  GIVEAWAY!  In honor of National Wear Your Apron Day, 11May2009 which is the Monday after Mother’s Day this  is going to be a special giveaway!  So here goes.  Leave me a comment, tell me a little something about your favorite apron and if indeed you plan to wear it ALL day on National Apron Day…everywhere ~ work, home, shopping, WHERE EVER you go!

Oh come one, you and I both know it won’t be the most unusual thing you wore in public? I have gone barefoot, in my pjs…I have changed clothes in parking lots, moving vehicles, once when I was 13 or so, and streaking was a big deal (yeah, I am THAT old), some of my girlfriends and I ran down the street (about 5 blocks) and I do mean down as in DOWN TOWN, at midnight, stripped to our underwear (we werent as brave as we thought), stood in front of the flagpole, placed our hands over our hearts (and training bras!) and sang the Star Spangled Banner. So technically, I have been in town in my underwear.  Heck I wore a half a roll of toilet paper to the zoo once!  Not intentionally mind you.  I went to a VERY dark bathroom at the zoo, did the whole “please, please dont let me accidentally touch anything in here” stance and somehow, didnt actually tear the paper when I used it.  So as I walked out I had a LONG stream of paper trailing behind me.  Michele, her girls and my kids found it VERY amusing and really thought it might be the highlight of the trip until I nearly got killed (slight exaggeration) by the beautiful white Bengal tiger.  That actually ended up being the highlight.  Oh, and just in case you ever need to know this, DO NOT MAKE eye contact with a big cat.  They see it as a sign of aggression.  This would have been nice to know before hand.

But back to business.  Tell me your story.  And thank goodness I have TWO HUGE mason jars, ’cause I’m gonna need both!  Oh wait…I will need three…there will be ANOTHER very important announcement tomorrow…something you really won’t want to miss.  Anywho, like I said, leave me a comment, tell your friends, post it on your blog, shout it from the rooftops!  And here is a button to use if you like!


Come on now, won’t this be fun.  OH I forgot to tell you about this particular apron giveaway…its for a VINTAGE apron…doesn’t that make it a little sweeter??? It does to me!  Happy Wednesday Everyone!  And Happy Earth Day! Have a great one!

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I LOVE aprons!! My fav apron…. is my only apron 🙂 🙂 For Christmas I made all the females in my life aprons!! 6 aprons… plus mine! It can be seen on my blog. I really don’t know how I lived w/out it before…. oh yeah, I just ruined my clothes instead! LOL!


Sweet! I love aprons.
At the moment, my favorite apron has only been in my kitchen for less than a week! I bought it at a little antique shop in my hometown. I can’t help but wonder if I knew the lady who made and wore it! It is a half apron, from a cute pattern. The material is faded red with tiny white cherries and red rickrack. I hung it on my peg and it makes me smile when I see it!

MY favorite apron is a red an white gingham half apron with roses cross stitched onto it. A dear sweet farmgirl friend gave it to me. It has pretty red rickrack stripes down the front and is nice and frilly.
I will wear it most of the day but as it is my fancy and apron and not one of my workday aprons, it will have to share the spotlight with my favorite workday apron, a pink John Deere full apron with demin pockets. 🙂
Don’t you just love aprons?!?! and a whole day devoted to wearing them–what fun fun fun!!

How sweet of you to celebrate with a giveaway!

OH I love aprons too! Started when I joined MJF to be honest. I always LIKED them, never had one till now. I have about 10 now I guess, lol. (Heck I am only a starter ♥)
Most were gifted to me by MJF friends, either in a swap or “just because” ain’t they sweet!

My all time fave is my PINK one, with lace and other embellishments. I wear it when I cook and clean 🙂

Hugs from Marian, dutchy on MJF

My favorite apron is a gold floral one I got from my mom. It is best because it is made from some water proof fabric and keeps my boobs& front Dry! especially when doing the kitchen clean up! I wear it when I cook, bake, & water my chickens.. It washes off so easily anything that might slop on it! Thanks for this giveaway. This one i will not wear outside my home. I do have a pretty white islet one I will wear on Apron Day.
K-falls Farmgirl MJF


my favorite apron at the moment is red white and blue and was made by a farmgirl friend. its a half apron and has wonderful deep pockets i wear it often. i will have to wear it on apron day(now i must remember it this year i missed it by a day last year lol). I will be wearing it for mothers day with the kiddos to plant flowers though. Thanks for having this lovely give away.

I’m so glad you reminded me when apron day is … I was thinking I’d already missed it this year! I will wear my apron, though which one, I’m not sure yet … depends on which one is clean that day LOL! I would love to wear a new one … I won an apron pattern recently and have already picked out the fabrics to make it … now to see if I can get it together before the 11th ….

Oh lordy! I am laughing so hard at your zoo story!! I may have to make a tiger apron in your honor!

My favorite aprons are the ones I inherited from my family and from a dear friend. These are careworn but still beautiful to me. When I don one of ’em I am always reminded of the wonderful women who gave me so much wisdom and love.


My favorite apron is a blue and white handmade apron I found at my grandmother’s house- trimmmed in white rickrack, it is adorable!



Hey Susan!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog! After reading a little bit about you I realize I should be really grateful that you took the time to check my blog out. 6 kids! Wow! You are the kind of mother I am hoping to be. I just had my first. I sure wish I knew how to sew and all of the other talents you sure do have. I just want to sew some curtains because we are so poor you know. Is that too much to ask! LOL! Anyways, thanks for inspiring me and I guess I will have to invest in some goggles. I don’t know though, my husband comes home to a haggard wife already….goggles might do him in. Have a great day!


Since I only have a few so far, they all are my favorites! But aprons are my new passion for collecting, I love the history that comes with each one! I don’t know if I would wear one all day, might get a little warm. Please enter me in your lovely giveaway! I’ll be blogging about it too!

Hi, yes I will indeed wear an apron all day on National Apron Day! I will bake something for the occasion as well. My favorite apron is a new one my mom made me with plenty of chickens and pockets on it, 2 favorite things here on my mini-farm. Thanks!

Sarah C.

I won’t wear it my favorite ALL day on Apron Day, because of some volunteer work I do Mondays that would potentially get it dirty, but I will wear it to cook my husband a big meal! 🙂


My fav. is one a friend gave me for my birthday….black and white polka dots with an S monogram. Cute. I would wear it all day if it earned me a fancy vintage apron! 🙂



I love the Spode Christmas Tree pattern. I have a few of the Serving pieces. I have been collecting these items for quite a few years now. A few years back my mother gave me the Apron that was of the same pattern as the Spode Christmas Tree. I was so excited because it was a rare find. While it is not one I can wear all the time I do wear it during the Holidays and I feel in the holiday spirit with it on.



My favorite apron and the one I will cherish forever… is the apron I won on a Give Away contest from YOU Susan… it is so chic yet so comfy… it reminds me of the warmth and coziness of home!

Yep, I would wear this prize beauty all day… in a minute on National Apron Day… and proudly!

Aprons are cool,
Victoria in Houston


my favorite apron is one that my mom used back in the 60’s/70’s. it has that great vera type design on the fabric. she gave it to me a few years ago and when i wear it, i wear it all day long until i have to go to bed. i can’t wear it to work, as i would get it too dirty, but i will wear it when i get home, unless i am lucky enough to win a new one from a great blog that i visit, that is giving one away!!!



I will wear an apron all day – I just have to decide which one is my favorite, not such an easy task!! I just made two for gifts – I really love making aprons, really really….
In fact, maybe I’ll celebrate by making another apron:)
Amy Grace – graciegreeneyes @ mjf

Susan my favourite apron is one given to me by a friend that her mother in law made for her. It’s a half apron in blue check gingham and I just love it. I do love gingham, but having come from a friend makes it all the more precious to me.


My current favorite apron has a wonderful “gathering pocket” in front. I work at the preschoool on the 11th – I bet the kids would get a kick out of me wearing my apron. That pocket could sure come in handy at Clean-up time!!!

Diana K

My favorite apron is a vintage white linen one that has beautiful tatting on the edges and pockets. I got it an estate sale several years ago.

I like to wear it and imagine what the original owner did when she was wearing it many many years ago.

I love my gingerbread apron, made by my Mother-in-law. It’s sturdy, and long, which is good because when I’m baking, I get messy! May or may not wear it on National Apron day…I may be in the garden that day more than in the kitchen!

8 of the Michigan Farmgirls are meeting in Frankenmuth Michigan on May 9th. That is the closest we could get to the date and we are all wearing our aprons. That should spark some interesting comments.

Well, I only have one apron…it has Winnie the Pooh on it. It’s not very flattering,so I never wear it. I’d love a new one {or old one that’s new to me}. I’m having a giveaway right now, and a big one tomorrow. Maybe we can just trade!

Your post was so funny! Thanks for the laugh. I wasn’t laughing at you, but with you!



Hi! My paternal grandmother came over here at age 13 from
Calais, France! She was a gifted seamstress and we still have one of your handmade aprons with flowers embroidered on it. It is a family treasure! If I am fortunate
enough to win your vintage apron, I will wear it all day on
May 11th. Many thanks, Cindi


Well Susan,
My favorite apron is covered with something I love. LEMONS!! A farmgirl friend gave it to me and I just cherish it. It has a little button in the shape of a lemonade pitcher and she made me a matching towel.
I do plan to wear my apron on May 11th. At home or out and about.
What fun, thank you Susan for letting us share!

I just looove aprons! One of mine I like is a chetah print that is only a half apron. It has a black ruffle on the bottom and a black pocket. 🙂 thanks!

All the best,

I have 2 aprons. One is for cleaning and it’s a standard khaki industrial apron. The other is my absolute fav. My sister bought it for me and it’s a halter orange and white design. It has a little ruffle in front and is so cute. I would love to own a vintage one as well. I have vintage dresses that would look lovely with it. I do plan on wearing my apron on apron day!!

I love vintage aprons. I collect them so I would love to win another for my collection!


I don’t have a favorite one yet…in fact I’m on the lookout for a cute one so I’m hoping to win yours!


I love aprons and wear them every day. I favorite apron is my aprons made by my Amish friends! I collect aprons of all kinds. I am a SAHM and a homeschool mom so I run crazy every day. My apron keep me dressed ready for come what may. What a great blog you have!

I have had a love affair with aprons for years now! My favorite is one that I picked up in Houston and of course, being in Houston I had to have a western themed apron! I wore it all over Market and the town while I was there!

Well, I’m a little non-commital here.

I think that my favorite apron is my new one that I got a couple of months ago on ebay. Unfortunagely, it has snowflakes on it, so it won’t look too good in May.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll wear an apron all day on May 11 or not. The truth is, my sister-in-law is coming to visit and I might chicken out.



I have some of my grandmother’s aprons. She always wore one. I really don’t have 1 favorite. They are all special.


My favorite apron is the one that I made for my mom for Mother’s Day when I was learning to sew in junior high. It is teal blue with red roses.

My Mom wore it all the time. When she passed away, I brought it home and have worn it a lot. It is starting to look very well worn. I’m not sure whether I will throw it away when it starts to fall to pieces or hold it and cry as I remember all the good baking times I had with my Mom.


Thank you for the fun opportunity – please put my name in one of your drawing mason jars. My favorite apron is one that my daughter-in-heart made for me. It is made from Olivia fabric and makes me laugh every time that I put it on. I will definitely be wearing my favorite apron on May 11th. I will also try to put a link to your blog on my new blog. Wish me luck.


I have a new apron that my mom got me in boston. It is red toile. It is beautiful. When she gave it to me she also gave my daughter a red toile spring dress that had a matching dress for her american girl doll. So on easter my daughter and her doll wore their dresses. I wore my apron while cooking and we all matched! My little girl thought it was the best thing ever to match not only mom but her doll too!


I’d love to win a vintage apron. Lord, knows I have plenty and someone else should win.

But since I started National Wear Your Apron Day in 2006, can I swipe your button and put it on my blog? That would be nice.

So let’s just join our apron strings, put on some lipstick, and a sassy attitude and take America by storm May 11th!

Don’t forget to post your pictures wearing your apron in public!

Kitchen Madonna

Be happy for you to take it and use it! Happy you stopped by!

My favorite apron is one that was made for me by an old friend of my mother. It is a full apron, with pockets, that snaps in the back. It completely covers me up and protects my clothes. I have gotten out of the habit of wearing an apron recently but plan to start again. I will wear one on apron day but probably not out to lunch with my Monday friends.


A vintage apron would be neat. Found a lovely one in a charity shop for a friend a few weeks back. I’ve never really gotten in the habit of aprons, but maybe a special one could start off the addiction.

I love sweet aprons. I have an apron that my grandma hand crocheted about 60 years ago!!

Thanks for doing a giveaway…my favorite apron is a reversible one made from the Emmeline pattern by Sew Liberated. The fabric is hot orange flowers on one side and blue/green circles on the other.

Sadly my apron collection is packed away awaiting our selling of our home/upcoming move..oh only mention one as my favorite? gee whiz..I’m sorry that I cannot only mention one..because ..well simply because..there are 2… and they are nearly child sized aprons…they were created by 2 sisters back in the 20’s as their home ec. sewing projects when they both were about 12 yrs old in the early 20’s. They have little hand written notes with them that one of their family members had written their names on and the approx. time they were created. They both have very neat hand work done on them along the hems.Of course I have several other favorites..but..those are the ones that I really am glad to have added to my collection.
I must admit..I collect my aprons not necessarily to wear..but because I have always loved vintage linens/textiles/and love the stories behind them.

my friend (who doesn’t really sew) MADE an apron for me in 2002 and it’s been my favorite since. the fabric is bright and fun, but other than that no frills. but no need because it fits just right. will i wear it on Monday? i’d like to be cool and shout an emphatic YES!, but in all honesty i probably won’t. i’m traveling that day. think airport security would make me take it off?