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Here comes the rain again…


This is our forecast for today.  OH boy!  YAY.  Another day of rain.  Just what we need.  In the last 80 or so hours we have received 6 1/2 inches.  Enough already!  I need to get things planted. Oh I know, I know, 3 months from now I will be begging for rain.  This is just what Spring is like way down here.  Wet & fluctuating temperatures.  As soon as it warms up the first time we are tempted to get out  and plant something.  The fact that we can even consider it is insane!  We always have “the Easter cold snap” followed a couple of weeks later by what we always say is ” the last cold night, surely”. And by cold I mean in the 40’s.  If we would just wait a couple of weeks we wouldn’t be out covering things with milk jugs we have cut the ends out of!

A couple of days ago some one asked what these little pink flowers are.


I really don’t know!  I saw them at my local Wal-mart one day and had to have them.  I will see if I can find out.  Until then, if anyone knows ~ speak up!  They are lovely! The color and the delicate petals are just lovely.


Thoughtful Thursday & Geraniums

Long experience has taught me that people who do not like geraniums have something morally unsound about them. Sooner or later you will find them out; you will discover that they drink, or steal books, or speak sharply to cats. Never trust a man or a woman who is not passionately devoted to geraniums. ~Beverley Nichols


If you are not familiar with Beverly Nichols and his books…then by all means FAMILIARIZE yourself!

My geraniums quite possibly will arrive today.  I ordered them from a local business and asked that they be delivered after Easter.  I am just a bit uneasy about setting out plants before then.  Sadly, I have lost many over the years by getting over zealous and planting too early.  Granted, geraniums are fairly hardy but I usually plant other things alongside and it just now warm enough at night.

Hopefully I will have pictures of them to post soon. Until then…enjoy this one:



WOW! It's Wednesday already???

This week is getting away from me!  Yesterday was a wild day.  Shopping and laughing and laughing and shopping!  My face was sore from smiling by the time we got home. My three girls, Ben and I went to the big old city to do a day of shopping.  Naturally I gravitated to the fabric stores!  I had on my list, a particular color binding, which I am sad to report doesn’t exist in my world!  So, what’s a girl to do?? Of course, make my own.  I finally found fabric the right shade and I will make my own binding, thank you very much!  Not my favorite thing to do, but sometimes I just have to be thankful I know how!

While I was looking for binding, I just happened to see several fabrics that really REALLY needed to come home with me.  I am working on a particular pattern…what hopefully will be “my perfect apron” and when I perfect the design, I will need fabric, right?  Oh okay, I have a metric ton of fabric already but these were sooo beautiful!


Yeah, I ended up with two paisleys.  I LOVE paisley.  Not all of these are from yesterday’s trip.  The blue and white to the far left is from my shopping trip when I went on a trip with Husband and the yellow is from Fat Quarter Shop. I placed a little order with them earlier.  Isn’t it cheery??

Today I will do a bit of sewing and such.  Rachel and I are going to get some plants in the ground.  And then we will get a meal cooked for supper.  Hope you all have a lovely, productive day!

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