Take a quick peek…

at the pie tin for the giveaway:

pietinI am VERY curious about why it says “deposit” on the tin.  Anyone have any ideas?  Curious, don’t you think?  Anywho, there you go…a peek at the tin that will go in this month’s giveaway box.  Pretty cool I think.

I had a very productive day yesterday to spite my melancholy mood over Husband’s departure.  I made this LOVELY apron for a friend.


A friend who has been more than patient with me over the past month.  I just could not get it done while Husband was home.  She understands – her husband works the same kind of shift mine does.

Also we had Michelle and her girls over for supper and a movie.  Brats with macaroni and tomotoes (my brother reminded me of this childhood favorite on his facebook list of favorite foods) and this beautiful strawberry pie that Rachel made for us.


It was just as delicious as it was beautiful! It was a graham cracker crust, custard filling with fresh strawberries and a glaze…OH MY!

And the movie: The Secret Lives of Bees.

lifeofbees2_500I LOVE this movie.  First of all LOVE bees. But you all knew that I think.  I LOVE Queen Latifah.  I loved the book ( I read it when it first came out), LOVED the house.  LOVED how it turned out even with all the heartaches. I grew up during this time in our history…the injustice was hard to watch but it was very honestly portrayed.  The South in the ’60s was a very volatile place.  My hometown was no different.

Okay, that is it for today.  I have to get busy!  I have lots of things to share on here but for today, this is it!  More soon.  Have a great Wednesday!

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About the word “deposit” on your pie tin, I believe it means deposit pie in tin and send to Victoria. Okay maybe not. Is it possible that the pie was purchased in this tin and you could return the tin like we used to do with soda bottles? The apron you made for your friend is Adorable with a capital A.

I agree with Victoria that maybe it’s like we do with pop bottles now. And I love the apron too! I’ve never seen the movie for the Secret Life of Bees, but I loved the book!

The pie looks delicious! I have that book sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be read. My plans are to then watch the movie right afterward (it’s waiting on our Netflix list!).

Oh, and I love the apron that you made for your friend! Fabulous!


I haven’t seen that movie, I’ll have to check it out. That strawberry pie looks divine. If I hadn’t eaten the last of our strawberries last night, I might be tempted to make one. I mentioned your giveaway in my blog today.


For some (I’m sure obscure reason) I think they did require deposits at some bakeries and older mom and pop stores many, many years ago – they didn’t use disposable tins like bakeries do know, but by including the “deposit” in the price of the pin, they would get their pie back. My mother said it was usually 5 to 10 cents to take the tins home with you. After eating the tin, you washed it and returned it to the bakery or grocery store.
I hope I win one of your giveaways one day – you always have a great one!!

Secret Life of Bees is a wonderful story. I loved both the book and the movie. And Queen Latifah — Love her too!

I grew up eating Table Talk pies! They were made near where my mom was raised in Worcester, Mass. The deposit was just that- you left a deposit when you purchased your pie and received it back when you returned the tin. I guess someone missed out on getting their deposit back! lol
I haven’t seen The Secret Life of Bees yet, but it is on my list. I love Queen Latifah as well. We could start our own QL fan club!


There was a bakery in Michigan where you paid a deposit for the pie tin & when you turned it in, you either got your deposit back or you traded.

I can’t remember the name of the place…I didn’t go there often. We used to have some of these … I gave one away w/a pie & I think my mother-in-law has it. (need to get it back!)

Yup…you at one time paid a deposit on pie tins when you bought a pie.

Susan – sounds like a good day all and all. I love the apron – it is so sweet! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Sharon D.

Rachel’s pie looks wonderful and your apron is so beautiful!
I have yet to see or read The Secret Life of Bees, it is in my que as we speak 🙂

I love that pie tin! It reminds me of when I was a young girl. We would get Table Talk pie.

Well, Baker’s Square, the pie Restaurant, when they first came out. . . years ago. . . would sell you a whole pie to take home with a deposit on the tin. If you ate pie, and returned the tin, you’d get back your few bucks. Maybe it’s one of their tins?




Wow, cool pie tin and awesome apron. Your friend’s patience is well rewarded with that beauty! That pie recipe looks mighty tempting, too…..thanks for sharing it. Hugs, Nance

I think Marie Calendars used to have pie plate deposits years ago too.

And I loved the book Secret Life of Bees but haven’t seen the movie yet. I too love bees, but probabably because my grandpa was the beekeeper for UCDavis back in the day.

Amy Grace

I love the apron!! And thanks for the reminder about that movie, I’d forgotten I put it on my list
Amy Grace

Love your apron you made and love the pie tin! I have no idea what the Deposit would mean.
I have not seen the movie yet but will see it once it comes out in Australia 🙂 It sounds like my kind of movie.

Love the apron!!!

The pie pan is great! Those old pans bake a beautifully browned crust. The apron is precious…I’ve never seen the movie, but I love honey and bees. I’d love a piece of Rachel’s pie. It looks marvelous…are those Louisiana grown strawberries? I keep waiting for the truck vendors to show up on the side of the road to buy a couple flats for preserves.