WOW! It's Wednesday already???

This week is getting away from me!  Yesterday was a wild day.  Shopping and laughing and laughing and shopping!  My face was sore from smiling by the time we got home. My three girls, Ben and I went to the big old city to do a day of shopping.  Naturally I gravitated to the fabric stores!  I had on my list, a particular color binding, which I am sad to report doesn’t exist in my world!  So, what’s a girl to do?? Of course, make my own.  I finally found fabric the right shade and I will make my own binding, thank you very much!  Not my favorite thing to do, but sometimes I just have to be thankful I know how!

While I was looking for binding, I just happened to see several fabrics that really REALLY needed to come home with me.  I am working on a particular pattern…what hopefully will be “my perfect apron” and when I perfect the design, I will need fabric, right?  Oh okay, I have a metric ton of fabric already but these were sooo beautiful!


Yeah, I ended up with two paisleys.  I LOVE paisley.  Not all of these are from yesterday’s trip.  The blue and white to the far left is from my shopping trip when I went on a trip with Husband and the yellow is from Fat Quarter Shop. I placed a little order with them earlier.  Isn’t it cheery??

Today I will do a bit of sewing and such.  Rachel and I are going to get some plants in the ground.  And then we will get a meal cooked for supper.  Hope you all have a lovely, productive day!

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cute cute blog! So happy to have found you on the Chic Chick Widget!


I think I will dig out my sewing machine’s a model from 1977 when I had my first batch of boys..I used to sew all the time then everything got in the way..

Those are beautiful fabrics Susan. I can’t wait to see what you do with them!