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The bag that almost kicked my butt.


I feel so crazy telling you this.  Okay let begin by saying this bag pattern has ONE piece.  Not kidding.  One. Now you cut several pieces of fabric from that one pattern piece but still…come on.  I am fairly accomplished with needle and thread.  I thought so anyway.  Maybe it was too simple.  I don’t know.  But finally the light came on!  And it was simple!  I redeemed myself by making a zipper pouch to match without a pattern 😉


I love the colors and fabrics…and made a little felt flower with covered button center for the strap.  Pretty cute if I do say so.


A lot of help I have been…

I left yesterday morning to come up and stay with my brother (who just had bypass surgery) and his family and be a little help to my sister in law who really needed to get back to work and check on her job and such. Well, we had been here about 4 hours when Benjamin and his cousin Sidney (of the  Ben and Sid’s Cooking Show fame) come walking in from the garage and she says:

“I am going to get you an ice pack.”

Me: HUH??????!!!!! Get who an ice pack?  What for?

Sid: Um….Ben fell over the skateboard and hurt his wrist.

So I take a look, pull on it, push on it, squeeze it, twist it.

Ben: NOOOOOO don’t twist it Mom!!!!!

Me: Great.  It’s broken.

Ben: No, Mom, it’s not broken. Wouldnt I be screaming or crying or writhing in pain?

Me: Not necessarily.  We really need to get it x-rayed.

Ben: NO MOM! We can’t leave Uncle Butch.  We came up here to watch him. Sid has that swimming party to go to at 4. So he will be alone.

Me: Well, he will have to watch himself for a few while we go get this x-rayed.  I just know its broken.

Ben: I don’t know how how you “know” it is.  But whatever you think we should do.

So I called the pediatrician’s office and told them we were on the way and how precious our time was.  And they said come on we will get you right in.  BUT if it is broken we don’t set bones.  Great.

So I tell my brother to sit, behave and I will be back as soon as possible.  And I call his wife at work and update her.  She says GO! He will be fine.

Well, moms know these things right?  Yep, a buckle break to the radius of his left arm.  No cast necessary.  Just a brace/splint thing for 4-6 weeks.  So I could have been SO much worse.  I have seen worse.  Oldest daughter broke BOTH her arms riding a bike.  And middle son broke his arm to where the bone was almost sticking thru the skin on roller blades.  So yeah, this wasnt too too bad.

We get home and I call my sister in law to tell her we are back at the fort, holding it down again.  She says “You wont believe this but Sidney got stung on the head by a bee at the swimming party. Thank goodness she wasnt allergic!” Yes, thankfully she wasnt.  My brother (her dad) is terribly allergic…to bees and all manners of other things.

So looking back, it was an “interesting day” but could have been SOOOO much worse.  In amongst all the happenings, my brother and I had some really great visiting.  He is doing very well.  Still weak but not as weak.  Getting stronger every day.

Now on a blog related note: I will announcing the restart of Friday Baking with NotQuiteJuneCleaver.  Plus the new and improved and easier to understand (hopefully) rules and awards.  And now I would like to direct you all to a VERY SPECIAL blog I found yesterday.  I found it because I was sent the link.  It is brand new.  My daughter Rachel (17) who I suspect will become a famous something one day.  Artist, photographer, chef, designer…or all four and more. Here go see her blog for yourself:

Neat Things and leave her a comment to let her know you stopped by.

Have a great weekend!  A safe weekend! We will try to do the same.


NOTE: In all my story telling I forgot to tell about the time Rachel fell backwards off the coffee table playing Trouble (which has since been banned from this house–very dangerous game!) and broke her wrist.  And it was the night after Christmas!  Again, it wasnt too bad and no cast was involved.  When you have six kids, I guess you forget some of the injuries over the years! Sorry Rach, didnt mean to slight you in the horror story telling!


Whoa! It's Wednesday already???

Yep. And Husband’s flight back to Tunisia leaves at 13:45. So we are up and at it this morning. He is packed and visiting with the kids. Hannah is off to her first day at “school” this morning. First day EVER. She has never been in a classroom, so at nearly 21 this ought to be an experience! She is enrolled at the local vo-tech taking computer tech classes. Rachel, Benjamin and I will take Husband to the airport.

Tomorrow I will be going to stay at my brother’s for a couple of days to let his wife get back and check on her job. I will be home Friday evening and Saturday morning Rachel and I will hit the floor running and baking and decorating and making! She has her first real catering job! How exciting is that. Would I have catered anything at 17? Nope. Not hardly. But she is off and running. I am the helper. I think we need special aprons for this dont you? Anywho, this is a REAL catering job…decorated cookies, cream wafers (duh), finger sandwiches, salad puffs,  bite sized brownies, punch and we are even doing the paper goods and setting up. So yeah, this is a big deal for her and quite possibly will lead to other jobs. Cool huh?

Gotta get rolling!  Have a great Wednesday.

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