Happy National Apron Day!

Here is a re-post of my earlier National Apron Day post – I will combine the comments from it and this one and then early Tuesday morning I will draw the winner’s name! Good Luck and don’t forget to don your apron tomorrow!!

National Apron Day Giveaway!

Oh yeah, I said the ‘g’ word again!  GIVEAWAY!  In honor of National Wear Your Apron Day, 11May2009 which is the Monday after Mother’s Day this  is going to be a special giveaway!  So here goes.  Leave me a comment, tell me a little something about your favorite apron and if indeed you plan to wear it ALL day on National Apron Day…everywhere ~ work, home, shopping, WHERE EVER you go!

Oh come one, you and I both know it won’t be the most unusual thing you wore in public? I have gone barefoot, in my pjs…I have changed clothes in parking lots, moving vehicles, once when I was 13 or so, and streaking was a big deal (yeah, I am THAT old), some of my girlfriends and I ran down the street (about 5 blocks) and I do mean down as in DOWN TOWN, at midnight, stripped to our underwear (we werent as brave as we thought), stood in front of the flagpole, placed our hands over our hearts (and training bras!) and sang the Star Spangled Banner. So technically, I have been in town in my underwear.  Heck I wore a half a roll of toilet paper to the zoo once!  Not intentionally mind you.  I went to a VERY dark bathroom at the zoo, did the whole “please, please dont let me accidentally touch anything in here” stance and somehow, didnt actually tear the paper when I used it.  So as I walked out I had a LONG stream of paper trailing behind me.  Michele, her girls and my kids found it VERY amusing and really thought it might be the highlight of the trip until I nearly got killed (slight exaggeration) by the beautiful white Bengal tiger.  That actually ended up being the highlight.  Oh, and just in case you ever need to know this, DO NOT MAKE eye contact with a big cat.  They see it as a sign of aggression.  This would have been nice to know before hand.

But back to business.  Tell me your story.  And thank goodness I have TWO HUGE mason jars, ’cause I’m gonna need both!  Oh wait…I will need three…there will be ANOTHER very important announcement tomorrow…something you really won’t want to miss.  Anywho, like I said, leave me a comment, tell your friends, post it on your blog, shout it from the rooftops!  And here is a button to use if you like!


Come on now, won’t this be fun.  OH I forgot to tell you about this particular apron giveaway…its for a VINTAGE apron…doesn’t that make it a little sweeter??? It does to me!  Happy Wednesday Everyone!  And Happy Earth Day! Have a great one!

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emily l

I don’t have an apron! I’d like too, though.

Good Luck to all the entrants! This is a wonderful giveaway Susan. Aprons are just the best!

Susan – I am wearing an apron to school today! Won’t that be a kick! I miss you! ~Kelly

I have so many aprons-but my favorite is my long horse and buggy apron. It covers everything!

My aprons are like second skin-I forget to take them off. I have embarassed my children more than once ‘cuz I left the house with an old apron on—oh well!

My favorite apron is one my mom found for a dollar in a yard sale. It’s a full apron, and the neck strap is actually long enough for me! I have some full aprons where the neck strap is not adjustable and so short that the waist is up under my boobs. Not a good look for anyone. 😉 I am going to be making an apron today, using my fave as a pattern and will wear it proudly when I am finished. Where ever I go.
Happy Apron Day!!


I’m still trying to decide which apron is my favorite! They all kind of are…..I am sending an apron surprise to a dear friend who is having a rough time right now in honor of the day though, so that is my real celebration of the day.
Amy Grace – graciegreeneyes at mjf

I’m wearing one of my great-grandmothers feed sack aprons to work all day. My mother actually learned to sew while making these back in the late 50s/early 60s. It’s one that didn’t get much use and is still in pretty good shape. My 89-year-old great aunt gave it to me for Christmas this year.


I don’t have an apron, so to celebrate National Wear Your Apron Day I have used a clothespin and one of my daughter’s princess towels to serve as my apron today. She keeps asking me, “Mommy, why are you wearing my towel?”An apon is the next purchase for myself I plan on making. Love reading your blog!


I am cuddling with mine as I lie around with a wicked sore throat…does that count? OK, I;ll just put it on the dogs may find it a refreshing change of pace!!!


My apron for the day is one that my mother made in the late 60’s…….purple gingham with cross stitching on it. Actually I wore it yesterday also in honor of her (passed away 11 years ago). I didn’t do any cooking yesterday as it was Mothers Day but I still wore it. Just like being with Mom.

Karen L

My favorite apron right now (because it can change depending on what I am baking) is a lime green chiffon beauty with daisy handkerchief pockets. I wear her constantly because she is just adorable. In fact, I have to repair her because I have worn her so much! Today I will be wearing her all day with my linen pink 60s house dress with crisp pleats and lace. My fiancee loves it when I pick him up from work in my apron because it usually means I have made something scrumtious and today will be no exception 🙂

Jodi Perry

This is so cool. We are hosting our ladies ministry kick-off event tomorrow night. The theme is APRONS with an old fashioned pie and ice-cream event. About 10 ladies on the leadership team have been promoting the event the last two Sunday mornings. We all wore our aprons as we handed out invitations. I have several aprons handed down from my great-grandmother and my mother-in-law’s mother…I LOVE vintage aprons! I wore a sweet red & white checked 1/2 apron the first Sunday. After church a gal came up to me and laughed because she saw me earlier that morning, wearing my apron, and thought I was setting a new trend! She thought it was darling and wondering where che could find one! How great is that?
Tomorrow night we will all be wearing aprons and enjoying their stories!