Living in Interesting Times

VERY interesting. Sunday morning I was minding my own business, taking my morning bath and whoosh! A storm blew through and in a matter of minutes I had no lights and therefore no water! YIKES my bathroom is dark! So I gingerly climbed out of the tub, found my towel, got dried off enough not to bust my behind walking down the hall and got dressed.

I knew there was weather brewing but I didn’t expect to hear of tornadoes in our area. Nor 70 mile an hour straight line winds. We got partial power back late yesterday afternoon but no 220 so no water, no air conditioner (thankfully this was a cool front moving thru). The partial power concerns me a bit. My meter is not showing activity but I have lights in my bedroom, the schoolroom (hence the computer) and half of the living room. No tv, no refrigerator but my stove clock is working????? A bit scary. And no idea when I will get power – could be days. I will have to borrow a shower from someone before this is all over I am sure. Husband comes home tomorrow so no matter how bad this seems when I see him it will be okay. I can pass the responsibility to him and relax a little.

So, go on with your baking challenge, and let me know how things are progressing with that. At this point I will be later in the week doing any cooking. Can’t bear thought of heating my kitchen to cook with no air!

I will try to post some pictures for you later today…provided I still have this power.

Hoping all is well elsewhere!

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My goodness that is scary. Hope all goes well.

hey gal..
I’m glad you all are safe though.
wanted to let you know that I have a little give away going on over at my blog in case you want to stop by. hugs, Tina

Scary stuff Susan! Hope it’s all sorted soon! Have not been able to do the baking challenge as we cannot get strawberry whoppers over here. I don’t think regular ones would work out.

Sounds like you live near me….it was a scary day Sunday. The weather sirens went off non-stop for what seemed like an eternity.


Praying this will all be resolved soon!! Stay safe!!!


Skeery stuff! Partial power usually means some of your breakers were tripped in your breaker/electrical box.

Hope it’s all sorted out now.

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Susan! I am thinking of you! We know this life, so hang in there. Somewhere on the blog I wrote about knitting in the dark after a tornado in our neighborhood. I say one’s enough and I am sure you agree! ~Kelly