Successful Bakewell Tarts!

As you know this weeks baking challenge is Bakewell Tarts.  Here is a photo of ours.  They are YUMMY.  Let me know you yours are turning out!


Also, I may be out of pocket for a couple of days.  My “little” brother who is 6 years younger than me is having bypass surgery in the morning.  Yeah, I can’t believe it.   Here is a picture of us “a few years back”.


We have really been a lot closer since Mom and Dad are both gone now.  I told him this morning when Husband goes back to work (27th) I would come up and help out some.  I have experience with this sort of thing.  He said “Well, you had a whole year and a half off.  That should have been enough of a vacation.”  It has been a year and a half since Mom passed and I was her primary care giver.  So as much as I can,  I will plan on going up early in the day (its only about 1 1/2 drive) and he and I can visit, go thru old pictures like we have planned on doing for a long time and I can take him out and about if he wants and I can still be home way before dark.  His wife works and I know she won’t be able to just take off indefinitely.  And I know from taking care of my dad after all of his heart surgeries, he will need some help during the day for a little while.

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Susan, My prayers are with your brother… I just know he will be fine and bless you for being such a good person and sister… caring for him.

Victoria in Houston

How do you make the tarts?

You can look back on Friday’s post for the recipe.

Oh ok thanks!! they look really good I am going to have to try them out.


I am praying for Butch. I will be out of town until after Memorial Day, please keep me updated!

Thanks so much!