THANKFUL Thursday!

My brother did very VERY well yesterday with his triple bypass and when I talked to his wife, Angie, at 10:30 last night he was doing even better.  By 5:30 he was off the respirator and breathing on his on. Still in considerable pain, which I know is to be expected, he is at least able to verbalize his needs.  Having this type of surgery at 43, he should be a new man, better even, in no time. I was able to see him twice yesterday.

I have a very busy day today.  We came home to our air conditioner being out.  So I have to get whatever real work I am going to do, done before it gets hot today.  The repair man will be here sometime today but I have not idea what time.


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My father in law had triple by pass surgery last week also! I am glad to hear your brother did so well…he IS young to have such a procedure! My fil is doing pretty well, too, but they are keeping him in to try and get his blood pressure meds adjusted.



So grateful that your brother is doing well!!!


Susan, I am so pleased your brother is doing well… take care of yourself and keep us updated on his recovery….

Victoria in Houston

Thank you everyone. Yes, he is getting back to himself. He updated his facebook this morning from ICU! I am not kidding. You would just have to know him to appreciate how this is NO surprise!

wow.. so young to have this .
What a blessing he is doing well with it , brothers are special , aren’t they :-)?


So glad your brother is doing better after surgery. Hugs to you all.

So glad to read this update.

Continued prayers for your brother, you and your family.