The bag that almost kicked my butt.


I feel so crazy telling you this.  Okay let begin by saying this bag pattern has ONE piece.  Not kidding.  One. Now you cut several pieces of fabric from that one pattern piece but still…come on.  I am fairly accomplished with needle and thread.  I thought so anyway.  Maybe it was too simple.  I don’t know.  But finally the light came on!  And it was simple!  I redeemed myself by making a zipper pouch to match without a pattern 😉


I love the colors and fabrics…and made a little felt flower with covered button center for the strap.  Pretty cute if I do say so.

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Oh , what cute fabric!!! I love it!


I love the colours, and the little VW. Good job.

oh how cute! love the polka dot fabric.

Very cute! Glad you didn’t let the pattern get the best of you LOL! What pattern did you use?


Cute… you making that for your friend Michelle?

I will make you a bigger one…this one is STUFFED with all my things! I need to make us both a bigger one!


That is cute! I lpve the fabric you chose to use. Good that you didn’t let it get the best of you. 🙂

I love the fabric! Do you have one special place you find your cute vintage looking fabrics?

This bag is too cute and I love that fabric..I’ll go check out that pattern..very cute indeed. :0)


Went to look at the bag..the Verna Bag, right? There’s ton of variations on that pattern out there. I think I’ve had that pattern (not hers) for a dozen or more years..seems there is a new spin on everything…hehehehe

Would love to see a full picture of your completed bag! Love the two fabrics together. I’ve been poking around your blog. I love overalls too, when you get the national day together let me know!