The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I have been looking thru vintage publications today.  I will tell you why another time but for now I want to tell you what I have found.  Women have always been obsessed with their size.  And publications have always unrealistically (and rather cruelly) portrayed women by only showing that wasp-waisted mom icing a cake, that mom you know good and well will never take a bite of that lovely cake! Was it girdles?  Was it truly portion size?  Was it that there really wasnt fast food readily available?  Did they actually move more?  I don’t know, but I want that waist size.  Truly I do.  I want to wear a shirt waist dress and it be so incredibly fitted that if I eat a sandwich you will be able to tell! What I don’t want to do is starve or get a terminal illness to get it.  Yes, as a nation we have gotten fatter (there is no nice word for it) but also, no matter how small the average was…it was never small enough! So I think it is a losing battle! When I get through with this post I think I will have that last piece of cake I can see from where I am sitting.

Then some things are coming full circle.  Aprons for instance.  OH MY-I would say 8 out of 10 women in ads have on aprons.  The other two have on a bra.  Just a bra…lots of bra ads! But the aprons just jumped out at me. There are instructions and patterns to order. Ahhhh the good old days!  A 5 cent magazine with patterns for sale for the price of a stamp! This was a page from The American Family Magazine November 1952:


I also saved this scan as a pdf if anyone wants a copy leave me a note. And the ads for sewing projects and ads for sewing machines.  Am I not buying the right magazines or are these no longer ad-worthy?

Here are just a few lines I have run across that make me smile…and grimace…

Family Circle June 1959 ~ Page 69 ~ an ad for Libby’s Tomato Juice.  Shows a couple hugging and looking over in a bassinet at a newborn…awwwww…then you read on.  If you are staying slim for him, you’ll be happy to know Libby’s Tomato Juice can make it easier…blah, blah, blah…

Same issue Page 71 ~ an ad for Diet Delight Bartlett Pears...the pears that make it fun to watch your weight!

Then there’s always the ever present ad for Lysol…for ‘feminine’ cleansing…NOT kidding.  YIKES!

And the ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes that show a darling girl with her prom dance card and a lit UNFILTERED cigarette! That could also explain the weight loss!

I will be uploading more stuff to share soon.  I should be doing laundry and other things but I sure got caught up in these lovely old magazines!

Last but not least, a recipe:


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I love looking at old magazines as well. I think those wasp sized waists must have been very difficult to keep! They had to have been starving themselves! I guess I will never have a waist like that, but I am betting I enjoy life a lot more!

I don’t remember any one one of my mother’s friends looking like the women in magazine ads. But I do remember them sitting at our kitchen table talking about trying! lol The apron ad is wonderful! That’s my favorite part of perusing through old magazines is finding treasures like that. Thanks for a fun Monday morning post. 🙂


I love old magazines. I just made a meatloaf last night, I never thought of using the stuffing mix wonder if it would be any good? I see an experiment coming up soon.

Love the old ads 🙂
I was raised in the ’60’s and I don’t remember anyone looking like those women either 🙂

I would love the PDF of the apron’s how too tho..


I too spend way much time on buying and reading old mags. I search for “ladies” and Home magazines from the years and months that Hubby and I were born.

I have some framed sewing machine ads hanging in my sewing room. Don’t fret. I only use those if the magazine is in really bad shape or if the back side is also an ad. No way and I going to cut up a recipe or craft direction!

As for the waspish waists.: preservatives and chemicals in today’s foods may be the culprits in our ever expanding bodies?

So fun! Where do you get these amazing graphics! I love , love, love your blog!

oh haha, so you can clean your toilet and yourself in one go!! oh goodness, yikes is right.
i love all this talk of old magazines, keep it up!!!


I just love those ads. And I love to look through old magazines. None of the ones I find ever have patterns in them though. I would love a pdf of your pattern.