Whoa! It's Wednesday already???

Yep. And Husband’s flight back to Tunisia leaves at 13:45. So we are up and at it this morning. He is packed and visiting with the kids. Hannah is off to her first day at “school” this morning. First day EVER. She has never been in a classroom, so at nearly 21 this ought to be an experience! She is enrolled at the local vo-tech taking computer tech classes. Rachel, Benjamin and I will take Husband to the airport.

Tomorrow I will be going to stay at my brother’s for a couple of days to let his wife get back and check on her job. I will be home Friday evening and Saturday morning Rachel and I will hit the floor running and baking and decorating and making! She has her first real catering job! How exciting is that. Would I have catered anything at 17? Nope. Not hardly. But she is off and running. I am the helper. I think we need special aprons for this dont you? Anywho, this is a REAL catering job…decorated cookies, cream wafers (duh), finger sandwiches, salad puffs,  bite sized brownies, punch and we are even doing the paper goods and setting up. So yeah, this is a big deal for her and quite possibly will lead to other jobs. Cool huh?

Gotta get rolling!  Have a great Wednesday.

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Love your blog !
How can something so informative be so cute !?!
Will be visiting you again & again.
From one Sista to another – Have a Great Day !!!

Whoa! You are busy like me. Sorry I have been crazy as well. I don’t know Susan, seems like we need to find the halfway point between your house and mine and find a couple of cute houses right next door to one another, move in, and become morning coffee friends so we can get some work done! 🙂 How about a Sunday chat? ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

I so want Rachel to cater the next party we have here. Hopefully it will be a baby shower! Maybe Jessica can come and take photos too. 🙂 You sound as busy as I am! 3 weeks and counting until HL comes home. I hate the oilfield life during the summer months.

Way to go Rachel!! That’s impressive. I am sure she’ll do a wonderful job, especially with you as her helper!


Man, I didn’t know you were staying up there! You guys have fun and tell Ben not to break anything else.
I know Rachel will do an awesome job!