Coming Soon: International Wear Your Overalls Day!

I am working with fellow overall enthusiast Bibfessor to proclaim a day (date to be announced) specifically promoting and acknowledging the comfort appreciating and uniqueness of overall wearers everywhere…the WORLD OVER! Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite!

museum 008

(Don’t you love the two country bumpkins standing in front of the museum of fine arts in their overalls? You can tell I wear mine OFTEN!  They used to be dark blue!)

SJ(Ma and Pa 😉 )

susan07(way back in 2007)

I have TONS more pictures I will be sharing with you…here is the latest.

n1558315783_62889_3588(I like to dress them up with a crisp white turtleneck and a little lipstick!)

Best I can figure I got my first pair of overalls in 1973…so I have been wearing them for 36 years!

Not the same pair of course.

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fantastic !:)) really nice photos, what a great day today starting this with you

I love my pink ones from Rosie’s ( because they zip off to make capri’s and include knee pads. But the best thing is they are roomy enough for pear shaped women who can’t wear the men sizes. Bought another pair this week…along with the capri coveralls.

We love overalls too!

What an attractive couple you are! I love overalls. I will have to buy myself a pair next time I fly back to Canada for a visit!

I got my first pair of overalls in 1973 as well. Wore them all through college. Can’t beat ’em for comfort and practicality. I once “dressed them up” with a frilly blouse and cameo pin, just like I had seen on the cover of “Seventeen” magazine. Can you imagine how ridiculous I must have looked?


Darling pics! How can you not like overalls?


Perhaps I should have said Who doesn’t like overalls?
Anyway, you know what I mean. =-)

Hi, is there really a National Overalls Day? I just got some in the mail for my son from an ebay purchase.

INTERnational Overalls Day…not yet, we are working on it though…stay tuned!


Love these pants. I own 9 pairs myself. I cannot understand why many people seen antagonistic about people wearing them. My girlfriend would not be seen with me in them. I’m now afraid to wear them in public. Help!!