National Yo-Yo Day is Today!

I know this means yo-yo’s like toy yo-yos.  But that isnt the first thing that came to my mind.  Being a crafty chick-a-dee, I thought YO-YO’s as in:

embellishmentI have a whole jar of yo-yo’s ready for whatever comes up.  I stick them on packages as “bows” or on bags as adornment, use them as a brooch…I just think they are adorable.  So HAPPY YO-YO Day!

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Fabric yo-yos are easy! Toy yo-yos, not so much!

I love ’em too Susan!

I have a bunch made from scraps of Daughter’s when she was a little girl dresses. Hope to use ’em in her quilt one day.

The quilt I was gonna make for her high school graduation.

4 years ago.



I just love all the homey and feminine touches you have and make… you are wonderful!

Victoria in Houston

Happy YoYo day Susan! I love yoyo’s too, the fabric kind of course!


Happy Sunday to all! LOVE the green and red colors in that yo yo, simply perfect, and wouldn’t it look fetching on a pair of overalls??? Today is Mother’s Day in France, so I wonder if lots of moms will be getting their morning baguette in bed?!

Donna Godfrey

Can you believe I have yet to make a yo-yo, do you know of any easy instrustions for me to try? I’d love to make some, they are so cute! Thanks!