Overall Picture Day Two

I decided to keep this subject current and help people searching for other overall fanatics. To do this I will try to post a new picture fairly often. I figure I have hundreds of overall pictures…hundreds!

Here is your Overall Picture Day Two:

momanddadThis is Husband and me back in the day!  This was taken our Senior Year in high school. Obviously in the Winter as I have on knee high boots and a jacket.  Of course Husband has his sleeves rolled up!  Winter in Louisiana!  Overalls, were part of his wardrobe even back  in 1977.  Awww…I was wearing his Senior ring, and he was carrying my books.  Sweet.

Let me tell you a quick “overalls brought us together” story.  Go ahead and get ready to be a little nauseous…oh the teenage romance!   Okay, I moved to the town we live in now in Feb of 1974.  Sidebar:  The small town was a culture shock and a nightmare for me.  Freshman year is no time to move a kid.  Remember that. Anyway, a few months rocked along and Husband and I had hit it off rather well in math class and other classes as well. As corny as it sounds, there was chemistry from the first time we met.   I was the new girl, who seemed to be fairly intelligent, wore tight jeans and had a bit of a smart mouth.  He was then VERY Smart Handsome Boy in Algebra Class Who Just Looked Good To Me Period, had a beautiful head of long hair and a REALLY smart mouth, and quite the good artist at the time.  I knew he had painted things for other kids and I had a brand new pair of carpenter striped overalls and it hit me…he could paint something on them!  Anything to get him to my house for the afternoon, you know.  So I asked him if he would like to paint a mushroom on my backside.  His eyes got a little big, he got a smirk on his face and said “Sure, why not.”  He still says that a lot.  I went on to say “Backside of my new overalls.”  He looked a little disappointed but agreed just the same.  So within a few days he was at my house after school, painting a mushroom on the seat of my overalls.  I did NOT have them on at the time.  The rest is history.  We have been together ever since.

By the way, in our engagement picture, I am wearing overalls.  I will post that one soon.

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This is so MUCH fun reading this!!!!!!!


LOL I love the man neckalce with the overalls!! Rachel is the female version of her dad, isn’t she! You two look so happy and cute. You look just the same today…

Awww. Yeah I never noticed how much Rach actually looks like Daddy at that age.

But yeah, I think I am gonna puke.


Absolutely LOVED this photo and the overalls story!! What a precious couple!


what a nice story, well my wife since 76 is not into overalls, but accepts it and like that I enjoy overalls and she also do patching for me! and she asked me this morning, why don’t you have overalls on today and I said, well I have to meet somebody for the first time etc. but after todays work and your last post, I’m going to wear it everyday except when I go into security check in airports, have anybody tried that with overalls ? and I will tell my start with overalls in my blog

My “gentleman farmer” just walked by in is overalls. What can I say – what a guy! Even after all these years.

How cute is that? I graduated from H.S. in 1977 too. What a good year that was. . . way. . . back in the day 🙂 My hubby graduated 2 years before me. I was just a little punk to him. . .until I turned 19 and he 22 🙂



Erica Ferguson

I love this picture and story. I love the overalls. I love your boots and skirt. I love that you were high school sweethearts. And I love mushrooms. Most of all I love that you shared this with us. My Grandmother made me a wonderful dress where the top was the top part of my grandfathers overalls. I loved that dress. I wore it till it fell to pieces.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane.


I totally love this photo!