Saturday Book Notes

I just received this LOVELY vintage magazine in the mail yesterday.


I was so excited because I knew what was inside before it arrived.  Take a look:bibapronspread

Aren’t they ALL adorable?  But that bird cage apron is calling to me!  I am trying to figure out how to make a pdf so y’all can click on it and be taken to the full size page and get a close up view.  Where did this lovely magazine come from, you might ask?  The devil’s workshop etsy, of course! I LOVE me some etsy.  Seriously.  I visit everyday. I don’t buy everyday but I could easily be persuaded to.  I actually have an etsy shop.  I am more interested in buying than selling!  But I do hope to have some things in my shop soon. I have some weeding out to do and some of it might interest you. And of course if I EVER finish the pie booklet, it will be there.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

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Well, if your editor will ever actually get together with you…:) We need to do this – you need to get this thing published my friend. I would love a pdf verson of this pic. The aprons are spectacular! Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

The knitted dresses are calling to me and I love that birdcage apron! What a wonderful treasure you have there Susan! xXOO

Oh, I hope you figure out how to do the PDF because I want to see the green apron in the lower right corner up close! The birdcage is so cute, too! Is it just an article, or a pattern, too?

Really YUM!
My mother wears an apron everyday..has her entire life.
I love these.

PDF wanted here too. Especially if there are “how to” instructions.

What year is that September issue from? My Mom has tons in her (fire trap) attic.

Susan, you make your own brioche? And you live in Louisianna, where the peaches weigh down the tree limbs?
I don’t feel so bad about admitting my Emily Dickinson preference to stay close to home either, after reading you like to be home too.

p.s. Welcome to the Peach Pie Society


I would love to see those Swedish embroidery patterns!! My husband’ heritage is Swedish & I am trying to instill some of the traditions with my children.

Laura, I will scan those pictures for you. There are no instructions in the magazine! I am amazed at what they THINK we know how to do!!!

Thanks Susan! I was turning 4 that month and I betcha $5 that mag is in Mom’s attic!