Thoughtful Thursday Lite

After last Thursday’s “heavy” post I thought I would give you a break!  I am feeling rather giddy today as Husband is on his way home!  He called from Paris at 5:30 and he was about to board the plane for Atlanta.  If all goes as scheduled, I will see him step thru that gate at 9 tonight.  A month is a very long time when he is gone, and OH SO short when he is home.

Don’t forget tomorrow is Friday Baking Day…closing comments for this challenge, new recipes added!  And you will LOVE the new recipes! As you can tell I am in a bit of a rush today…things to do!  But I have tomorrow’s post ready and waiting…and then remember the drawing for June will be on the last day of the month! Hey, why don’t you invite your friends to join us for Friday Baking fun?!

AND it is full steam ahead on International Overall Day this coming November.  The interest is there, people are making contact and there is a flickr group started!  I will post more about all the overall happenings next week. I am gathering more pictures to share and hopefully will have some fun stuff to share then.

Until tomorrow I will leave you with another photo to enjoy!


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What a sweet kitty face this is!

Denise Thompson

I know what you mean about that month being long when they are gone and short when they are with you.
Have a wonderful reunion. Giddy is wonderful when your sweetie is coming home to you!

oh what a sweet looking kitty. have a great afternoon. I know you are excited to see your hubby home.

Not Quite June Cleaver,

BibProfessor just turned me on to your site. I love it! I can definitely identify with “not quite” being June Cleaver. And, being a Southerner — one of Hell’s Belles — your site makes me feel right at home.

I will definitely put a link on my site, The Gratitude Journal, to yours!

Thanks for the smiles you and your site offer.


What a sweet kitty and glad hubster is coming home.