National Sugar Cookie Day

This fact was brought to my attention by Jennifer The Farmgirl. How fun!  So might I bake some?  I just might! Here are some from the past.  Likely I didn’t decorate any of them.  That’s Rachel’s department. But thought you might like to see them.




fishcookies I am sure there are hundreds more pictures of her lovely cookies but I don’t have time to sort thru the folders!  ONE of these days I am going to do just that!  But until, enjoy these.   Now go bake some cookies!

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Tell us again how old Rachel is – don’t I remember 17? These cookies are just beautiful! She does a wonderful job.

She is 17 but those pictures are old. She was 14 and 15 when those were made. I will have to find some of her recent ones.

Wow! Those are gorgeous cookies. And those first two look like elegant wedding fare! Beautiful! Wonder what national day of X falls on July 10th?


I baked some yesterday and they sure don’t look like these wonderful creations–too pretty to eat. Mine look like mud cakes compared to these–ha ha!


Susan, My gosh this cookies are beautiful… what an artist your daughter is…. plus patient. Decorating cookies like this takes TIME!


AUGH, these look so delicious I might just have to curtail the work day and start baking!

These are so sweet, almost too pretty to eat!