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Sunday Shopping & Update on Apron Giveaway

Good Sunday Morning!  Before I go any further let me say if you have left a comment hoping to enter in the Apron Giveaway for tomorrow and I have not left you a comment on your blog, rest assured your name is in the jar.  Blogger and one other blog server is giving me fits with comments.  I don’t know if it is Mozilla or what but I cannot figure it out!  I am reading and looking at your blogs though and THANK YOU! Thank you for the shout outs and thank you for the enthusiasm.

Now a little shopping talk. Have any of you ever perused Polyvore? If not, get yourself over there and take a look around.  Polyvore is a free, easy-to-use web-based application for mixing and matching images from anywhere on the web. It is also a vibrant community of creative and stylish people.No, you don’t buy anything there…but you can certainly find things to buy.  Which of us wouldn’t find something in this we love?


Or what about this?

farmpolyvore2Yeah, it is a pretty cool place to get ideas!  And sources.  Oh, you very welcome! Enjoy!

And this is on my birthday list:

14211Got the bike…need the basket!  It can be found here.

The weekend is almost over.  I have sewing to do so I will get busy.  Have a great day and check in tomorrow for the winner of the aprons.  Oh…and you have until noon tomorrow to get your name in the jar.  I will draw names tomorrow afternoon.

I ended up not making the Yorkshire Pudding last night.  Remember how I always remind you to read over recipes BEFORE you begin?  Well I should have made them before I started the rest of my meal.  They take a while to bake, and by the time I got them ready, the roast would have been dry and cold!  So look for those in an upcoming Friday Baking challenge!

I will be taking pictures of pumpkins soon.  They are just now sprouting. I would have liked to have them in the ground two weeks before I did, but the weather was just too harsh and we needed a little rain.  But they are finally coming up!

Have a good one and see you soon!


Just 'Cause Apron Fabric Sneaky Peeky

fabricThought you might like to see it.  Pretty huh?

Oh…and I plan to make it from this pattern:


P.S. I am having difficulty leaving comments for some of you.  But I have all your names in the jar!


Saturday Book Notes and a Little Garden Talk

I guess I should start by updating you on my progress with this book:

bookpieI am ashamed to say I have not finished it!  Shame on me.  It is good.  It is worth my time.  It’s just that my reading time is very limited right now.  With Husband home, and gardening and sewing and such.  Plus writing my own PIE book…well I will finish it  ~ soon.  Of course in the mean time I have read other things.  But mostly “necessity reading”.  Plus a few little short novels from the library (thanks Connie for keeping me in cozy mysteries!).  Right now beside my bed are two books about British History (non-fiction).  Husband and I watched a movie called To Kill a King with Tim Roth and Rupert Everett.


It was the condensed version of the history of the reign and death of Charles the First of England c. 1645.   By the way, Oliver Cromwell was a bit of a turd, if you ask me.  Being Irish and Scottish, as I am, this is a bit of an understatement I suppose. Everything I have read about him calls him a “strict Puritan”.  No kidding. If by strict you mean crazy, wicked, hateful and cruel, then yeah. But my opinion of him is based on very limited knowledge.  However, I fear that the more I read of him, the less I might like him.  I am a fan (root word of fanatic but much different meaning in my opinion) of many things but fanatics disturb me greatly. Zealous is good.  Over-zealous, not good. I say that with a straight face as I purchase yet another apron pattern ;) and squeeze one more book onto already over burdened shelves.

So when it was over, we scoured the bookshelves for British History volumes.  You have no idea how many books are in this little house.  And then how many are in storage.  We honestly could open a fairly well stocked library.  While I was gathering books, Husband was reading online about the era.  We HATE not knowing stuff, you know?  And our depth of history knowledge is VERY shallow.  History was never a priority in our schools but we tried and still try to rectify that in our homeschooling. But it has meant that we have learned along side our children.  Which is always a good thing. Our kids are always frightened at our lack of historical knowledge. And we are always amazed at theirs. Hence the number of books on the subject.  We were almost lost in the facts and twisting of them in this movie and had to get an historically accurate picture in our minds.  Like where was Charles I’s palace or palaces?? We had no idea.  We knew it wasn’t the present day palace.  Or one we recognized.  So we paused the movie and looked it up online.  Our quick look brought us to Hampton Court Palace which was the one shown in the movie.

800px-Hampton_Court_PalaceHome to many Monarchs and a fave palace of Henry VIII. Did you know Charles I was the only British Monarch to be executed?  I didn’t.  I am telling you, my knowledge of British History is sorely lacking.  Our time in London last October was just NOT ENOUGH.  I want to go back and visit more places.  The Tower of London was amazing and seeing Buckingham Palace was a dream come true but there is so much there.

I do wish movies of historical subjects, would be as accurate as possible and take as few liberties with facts as they can and still make it movie length.  But I suppose I really shouldn’t try to get the bulk of my history lessons from movies!

All this was to say, I liked the movie and would recommend it! I know you are all sufficiently bored now with our mundane Friday Night Movie Review.

Today, it seems I might have to replant some pumpkins.  I am pushing it really as it is getting late to plant and expect to have them ready by end of October.  But I hate also to give up too easy.  Our lack of rain has really hurt the germination.  We water, but it is just not the same as a good soaking rain every now and then.

Pumpkin PatchHere is my big patch chart.  I also have 5 raised beds planted with smaller bush type gourds and pumpkins.  Hopefully more will be up by the 15th so I don’t have to try to get more seeds out.

I plan to try and make Yorkshire Pudding today.  You know, Yorkshire Pudding is not pudding at all but a kind of popover.  Yeah, threw Husband off the first time they were served at work.  Pudding?  That isn’t a pudding.  That’s a biscuit.  NO a biscuit isn’t sweet! That’s a cookie!!! Yeah, everyone was befuddled! I will let you know how they turn out.  Who knows, maybe they will show up in a Friday Baking challenge soon!

I suppose that’s all for today.  Have a great weekend.

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