Sunday Shopping & Update on Apron Giveaway

Good Sunday Morning!  Before I go any further let me say if you have left a comment hoping to enter in the Apron Giveaway for tomorrow and I have not left you a comment on your blog, rest assured your name is in the jar.  Blogger and one other blog server is giving me fits with comments.  I don’t know if it is Mozilla or what but I cannot figure it out!  I am reading and looking at your blogs though and THANK YOU! Thank you for the shout outs and thank you for the enthusiasm.

Now a little shopping talk. Have any of you ever perused Polyvore? If not, get yourself over there and take a look around.  Polyvore is a free, easy-to-use web-based application for mixing and matching images from anywhere on the web. It is also a vibrant community of creative and stylish people.No, you don’t buy anything there…but you can certainly find things to buy.  Which of us wouldn’t find something in this we love?


Or what about this?

farmpolyvore2Yeah, it is a pretty cool place to get ideas!  And sources.  Oh, you very welcome! Enjoy!

And this is on my birthday list:

14211Got the bike…need the basket!  It can be found here.

The weekend is almost over.  I have sewing to do so I will get busy.  Have a great day and check in tomorrow for the winner of the aprons.  Oh…and you have until noon tomorrow to get your name in the jar.  I will draw names tomorrow afternoon.

I ended up not making the Yorkshire Pudding last night.  Remember how I always remind you to read over recipes BEFORE you begin?  Well I should have made them before I started the rest of my meal.  They take a while to bake, and by the time I got them ready, the roast would have been dry and cold!  So look for those in an upcoming Friday Baking challenge!

I will be taking pictures of pumpkins soon.  They are just now sprouting. I would have liked to have them in the ground two weeks before I did, but the weather was just too harsh and we needed a little rain.  But they are finally coming up!

Have a good one and see you soon!

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I love polyvore! I try not to go over there to much because I can spend simply hours!


looks really interesting, have you tried this ? so you can build houses for the polyvore people and things !


Love the dress in the first photo! And the bike basket is so sweet. Might have to find one of those someday. Have the bike but the basket would make it so feminine!

love those Polyvore pics, and that bike basket..ooh yeah. how pretty. hope you had a good weekend.

Now I want the bike basket! AUGH, it would be so perfect for my bike, which currently has an ugly wire basket. I haven’t even ridden my bike yet this year, not even once.