Thoughtful Thursday (and an apron giveaway plug)

I am deep in thought this morning.  Thinking of potatoes.  Yep potatoes.  And wondering if I will EVER learn to make consistently good (nevermind great) potato salad.  It seems that and baked beans are the only two things I am responsible for at our Fourth of July shindig.  I would be happy for any of you to leave me your recipe in the comments or better yet email it to me.

Yes, I realize I said a couple of weeks ago that I would be discussing our plans for our Independence Day gathering in detail.  I didn’t intend to NOT do it.  But good grief the last week has been less like a whirlwind and more like a storm!  Husband came home Thursday night (YAY) and in seemingly good health until he woke up Friday morning with some sort of eye “explosion”.  It was red and the eyeball membrane (I don’t know what else to call it) was swollen with fluid underneath it (makes me a bit queasy to type this).  Husband remembered something flying in his face on the bus ride from Sfax to Tunis the day before but thought whatever had hit him in the eye (seemingly dust particles or sand) had been rubbed out since his eye didn’t bother him on Thursday.  But Friday morning…different story.  The day rocked on and finally he asked me to get a flashlight and my reading glasses and see what I could find.  I saw what I thought was a speck of black something or other and a very fluid filled place on his eyeball.  He has me get a q-tip ’cause he thinks I can fix pretty much anything, and yeah, I did get the speck but the fluid…still there.  At this point I convince him that a doctor visit is just about mandatory.  I start calling.  Friday afternoon is no time to try and find a doctor.  Seriously.  My final call was to a friend who is an RN at our usual hospital and though she was off work, she made a call for us and out the door we went to the ER.   We were quickly ushered in to an exam room where we were not quickly seen.  But at least we didn’t catch something waiting in the outer waiting room. The doctor was pretty concerned about the laceration (YIKES – I think that means CUT) on Husband’s eyeball.  He didn’t really want to do anything but call an ophthalmologist and get us out of the ER.  So he gave him two prescriptions per the ophthalmologist’s orders (by phone) with instructions to see the ophthalmologist on Saturday and we headed to the pharmacy.  And then the next pharmacy.  And the next.  And the next.  And the next.  I finally got one of the drops filled, the other…not to be had.  Thankfully the one I could get was the antibiotic.  The other was for pain and I had already decided I thought I had enough Lortab at home left over from his last kidney stone to knock him out if necessary.  Now the fun began.  Directions for the antibiotic drops: One drop in affected eye every thirty minutes for the next 4 hours and then every hour thereafter until seen by opthomologist on Saturday afternoon.  HUH? Say what?  That sounds a bit much don’t you think?  The kicker: Husband really and truly cannot put drops in his own eye.  Never has been able to.  So we get home, he goes to bed because he is absolutely spent.  Between the jet lag and the eye problem, he’s got to get some rest.  The “every 30 minutes” thing was to be over at 11pm and then the “every hour” thing started.  So I stayed up, and woke him up every 30 minutes and put a drop in his eye.  I looked up the ophthalmologist’s number on the Internet and called his answering service.  I explained to them the reason for my call.  I couldn’t get one of the prescriptions filled.  The answering service said they would have Dr. Lewis call me right back.  I almost didn’t get the phone hung up before it rang.  It was Dr. Lewis.  WOW.  So we talk about the fact that the drop I couldn’t get wasn’t crucial, but would have been nice for pain.  I told him Husband was sleeping well.  He says “Well, you have my cell phone now on your caller ID so call me if you need me.  But for sure call me in the morning and we will set a time for me to meet you at my office and see him.”  WOW again.  I explained to him that we already had an appt on Saturday morning to get Ben’s brace off  (remember the fracture when I was supposed to be helping with my brother?) and he said to just call when we were through.  Then I set my cell phone alarm for 12 am, 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, 4 am.  WHAT? I am only allowed 5 alarms???? Crap.  Okay.  Fine.  I set the alarm clock on his bedside shelf for 5 am.  Like a good girl, I woke up with each alarm (sometimes I didnt really sleep between them) and nudged him and put a drop in his eye.  I just stayed up after the 5 am drop.  This was now Saturday morning. About 7 I started waking people up and getting ready to head to Ben’s appt and then to the eye dr.  Dr. Lewis met us and was pleased that the cut seemed to be healing and he wanted to see Husband on Monday.  GREAT! We will already be in The City for two other appts on Monday!  VERY convenient.  So Sunday…I didn’t do a thing except vegetate! Monday rolled around and off we go.  Husband and I both had physicals that morning – you know, cholesterol and all that stuff, eye dr, then my yearly “woman” appt.  LOVED the new dr we saw for the physicals.  He was great.  He’s my brother’s dr.  And yeah, that’s what prompted all this…when your younger (much younger) brother has triple by-pass, you think maybe you might want to check on things.  I have to go back for another EKG in 5 weeks.  I am anxious to get all the blood work results for both of us.  Then on Monday night our oldest brought his little man Sam to spend the week with us.  To say we have been busy is such an understatement!  Now the 4th is upon us!  But we will be ready!

OH and don’t forget tomorrow new recipes will be up for Friday Baking with NotQuiteJuneCleaver!

NOW for the apron giveaway! Check out The Secret Stitch Club’s ALL THINGS LIME recipe and giveaway! Here’s a sneak peek:

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I guess this is all for today.  See you tomorrow with new recipes!

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whew~I need a nap just reading your post!
you poor Green June!! I feel so sorry for you that you never have nothing to do and stay so bored!!
WOW-poor DH!! ouch! you certainly are a good nurse!
I make a very plain potato salad that my family loves and has become snobs for any other. Boil potatoes till cooked all the way through-then drain and peel while hot/be careful!! chop onions, sweet pickles Add enough Miracle Whip to bind it together. Add kosher salt, pepper, celery seed (just a little). Top with sliced boiled egg and hit with paprika. Chill. oh and YUM!
NO MUSTARD or anything else. I’ve tried fancier recipes and everyone prefers just the ole plain tater salad.
happy 4th to you and yours!!


Wow – it never rains but pours no?
I’m glad everyone is healing well – hope your 4th is a little less eventful!!

Whew! I’m exhausted just reading that! What a crazy week for you. Thanks for stopping by the secret stitch blog. And thanks so much for promoting the giveaway. You are truly superwoman!

You really DID have a busy time! I hope everyone is doing well now.

Even though I don’t generally comment, I’ve made a few of your recipes and have a lot of fun with your blog. I know I’m not in the apron drawing and all I can say is – darn! It’s really cute and I love aprons. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s recipes.

Well, this explains why you have been on my mind almost constantly…and I just logged on to check on you and send you an e-mail if I did not see a new post. You worried me girl! You did! Settle down and then let’s catch up and get that project done, okay? Thinking of you, ~Kelly

I’m tired reading all this too!!

Ben there with a corneal abrasion once. Was horrid!!!

Hope he feels better soon and that you get some time to sit with yer feet up!

Lisa S

I have a good one for you on the eye thing. I was at work walking inside and it felt like something had fallen off a tree into my eye. Of course this was on a Friday, by Saturday morn my eye was killing me felt like a stick in there. The whole family was invited to look for said stick none to be found. Went to the eye Dr. on Monday, he looks into my eye and says I think I see a stick. Now I know I would have seen a stick. Then he says no it is a piece of hair, it is stuck in my tear duct. He pulls it out and says did you have your hair cut recently-well yes I had whacked on my bangs a couple days before this happened. Who knew that a piece of hair could cause such pain.
Potato Salad – My mom made this up we all call it loaded baked potato salad. She makes baked potatoes in the microwave or you can boil. then peel and dice, chop green onions tops and all then add bacon bits and a jar of spinach dip added with some miracle whip. I have also added shredded cheese. It is great.

oh my..what a crazy weekend you had. so glad that your hubby is on the mend though..but wow! what a week.

Certainly made me tired! Hope all is well now.