Vintage Wednesday & A Movie Review

I started you off with a lovely photo, albeit a glimpse of the Vintage Apron for the giveaway.  Pretty adorable.  And now I would like to share a movie with you that I spent two hours of my time (that I will never get back) watching last night.  I don’t normally do movie reviews.  Especially of movies I hated.  But if I can save anyone from wasting their time or money, I feel like I should. Oh…and spoiler alert.  If you don’t want to know how this dreadful movie ended, then stop.

I chose this particular movie because of the decade it was representing.  The good ol’ 50s.  My fave decade.  What’s not to love about it? I’ll tell you what.  Revolutionary Road starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

Revolutionary RoadSee the happy couple?  That was the 10 seconds of happy in the whole movie. Pretty dress though.

Surely you liked something about it you might wonder.  Yes I did.  I LOVED the fashion.  The men wearing suits and hats. VERY deboner.  April Wheeler’s aprons.  Adorable.  The cars…OH MY…I would LOVE to have their car.  The likable things end there.  Seriously.  Oh this flick came with glowing reviews:

One of the best films of the year ~ Ebert.

Hands down watch it three times in a row…Mick LaSalle.

Ebert I know. LaSalle?  Who is this man that could sit thru this 3 times.  In a year much less in a row?!  I don’t want to know!

It was depressing.  And annoying.  You wanted to just bang the two main characters heads together until they were rendered unconscious.  Or at least until they shut up.  For once could they think of their kids?  Geez.  Now if I had thought about it I would have turned the sound off and just looked at the clothes and cars and decor.

Why did I watch the whole thing?  Because it was like a train wreck.  I didn’t want to look…but I had to.  I kept thinking, these two will get their act together at any moment and something good will happen.  Nope.  Didn’t happen.  In the end (do not continue if you don’t want to know)April Wheeler died from a botched abortion that she performed on herself at home.  That’s how it ended.  I am not even kidding you.  And by the way NO one and I mean NO ONE can look sadder than Kate Winslet, I’ll give her that.

Content: -500

Cinematography: +10

Now that I have slept on it. Yeah, it was still a horrible way to spend 2 hours. No one in the movie had any redeeming qualities, what so ever. Cheating, arguing, unsatisfied, just plain ol’ crazy. The ONLY character I really liked was the friends grown son John who was on leave from a mental institution where he had been receiving shock treatments. He had a pretty good handle on what was wrong with the rest of the lot. And a man after my own heart: called a spade, a spade. Frankly, he was the only likable character in the whole pathetic movie. As Rachel said “So you are going to watch Titanic 2?”…Titanic was a comedy compared to this.

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Ack! I’m so sorry you had to endure such dreck. 🙁 Good thing it was rated R and therefore knocked itself of my movie viewing list. lol I’m a happy ending kind of girl. There are enough depressing things to be found on the local news. Why would I want to pay to see them?
The apron you shared is far more worthy of my attention. 🙂 Maybe tonight you could watch Ratatouille!!

We watched it not long ago. I pretty much felt the same as you. I kept watching and waiting for things to turn around. Half the time I kept asking WHERE are their kids?? I found the whole self abortion scenes very disturbing, to say the least. I definitely would not watch it again.

Maybe I will put on some good music and turn down the movie sound just to see the costumes….heehee. Thank you for the warning. I considered renting it, but am not a big fan of Leonardo. ~Kelly


I saw it too, was disappointed.

Wow….so glad you tipped us off. Another horrible movie comes to mind – Ice Storm! That was totally depressing and sounds like a similar sort of awfulness, though depicting a different decade.

But you’re right, the dress is pretty.


Just watched it this weekend with hubby. I was very disappointed in the ending. I knew nothing about this moving going in, so I had no expectations. Such a depressing film.

OH, GREAT! Netflix JUST delivered this today! Haha!

Okay, so now I know I can watch it and knit, and not have to pay attention, except for the clothes and the cars!

well I watched 2 decent movies this past had Johnny Depp in it called “Benny and Joon” and the other was called “The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn”..both pretty decent movies.
I haven’t seen the one you mention here, but thanks for the review.
by the way..mayhaps you could give me a wee “shout out” I am having my 500th post give away over on my blog this week…
and another house showing tomorrow! I hope it goes well as we have reduced the price on the house a little so we shall see.
am tired now from cleaning house again almost all afternoon. sheesh.

I was excited to see this movie … and then felt the same way you did. I just didn’t get it … I guess I was expecting Titanic. 🙂 And hey, thanks for the pie compliments – I am honored 🙂

I really enjoyed that movie! 🙂 And yes her dress is gorgeous!

Dear Susan,
I just watched this last week and was also rather disgusted with it. I thought so many parts of it were contrived, especially the end (and especially her walking all the way downstairs to stand symbolically in front of the picture window gazing out at the tidy, suburban life she was unable to escape). I guess I am tired of that take on the ’50s, too. I may be wrong, but I think that scenario of living in a sterile neighborhood, working a job that isn’t fulfilling, people trapped in roles,etc. has always existed, even unto this day. And there have always been people who don’t live like that, and people who do.

I, too, liked the character John…but was frustrated that the only clear-thinking character in the movie was portrayed as the most mentally unstable.

Just all rather sad and pointless. I watched a much nicer movie the night before….The Good Year, with Russel Crowe. A much more uplifting outcome and gorgeous settings in the French countryside.