Apron Fest '09 Apron Pics & A Sweet Gift

I have really enjoyed working on this apron and as I said before I am going to miss her!  She is going to be a fine kitchen companion to some lucky apronista! She is pretty close to what will eventually be “My Favorite Apron”. She’s made of cotton duck and with criss cross straps that go thru loops before tying in the back, she will not fall off your shoulders!  I find that a real drawback with some aprons I own.


apron2 Isn’t she cute? And she fits very nicely.   Now…I have to show you what my very dear friend Connie brought me last time she came for supper.  How adorable is this rolling pin!?  And yeah…that’s cupcakes! Such a sweet sweet gift!


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That does look like the perfect apron. I might want one sometime when we have more money. Would you consider selling them? Cute rolling pin too!

THANKS! Yeah, I will be selling them soon! I really want them to be “just right” first. My main goals are: Sturdy, heavy enough to keep clothes underneath clean and dry, good coverage even around hip area where I tend to wipe my hands, pocket or pockets, adjustable size for many body shapes, long lasting. So stay tuned…hopefully before holiday buying time!

Oh and cute…but honestly, serviceable is more of a priority.


Are you giving this one away… because I would LOVE to have her! I would give her a good home:)

What a sweet apron and rolling pin!! I love them both!

Erica Ferguson

I love that apron. Absolutely perfect fabric. And that rolling pin is just awesome beyond belief. What a great friend. I just got a wonderful French Pastry rolling pin for my birthday this weekend. Wonderful gifts!!!

Well, I need to win this!

And Erica, what exactly is a French pastry rolling pin? Sounds interesting! I have a Springerle pin that is quite cool…


It looks like yoour favorite apron is coming along well. Very nice. I love the stripey material you used!

It’s just fabulous!


Stopping by to give a little bloggie love tonight.


Susan – Indeed, you have the key to the perfect apron – the criss-cross ties with loops!! I bought an apron 20 something years ago from Smith & Hawkin and still wear it today even with the holes in the front because of those comfortable straps that don’t pull on my neck. You’ve got my vote and as soon as they’re available I’d love to purchase one.

You’re the bomb! the queen! and I know you have must have a fairy God mother who gives you extra hours everyday to accomplish all you do!!! I’m in awe constantly.