Apron Fest '09 August 3-7 GiveAway!


Click on the graphic above to view the sideshow of my aprons.

How many giveaways can I have going at once???!!! Okay…we have the Julie & Julia Giveaway going on.   And I just drew for the July Friday Baking with NotQuiteJuneCleaver winner.  So really adding this one is no biggy right?  That’s just two going on now.  Well…unless you count the fact that the last day of August will bring about another Friday Baking Winner!  Anywho, I had to add my apron to this wonderful event hosted by The Apronista.  Get yourselves over there…there will be LOTS of giveaways to enter.  Show your support!

The apron I will be giving away will be especially made for Apron Fest ‘09 and will have an embroidery patch to remind you of this event everytime you wear it!  So you think you want a Apron Fest ‘09 Apron from NotQuiteJuneCleaver?  Well all you have to do is leave a comment saying so.  You know, if you have a little apron wisdom to share, feel free.

Then visit The Apronista for more info! And take this button to add to your blog!

Or get the code when you visit The Apronista!


I will be posting pictures of the Apron Fest ‘09 apron later today so check back!

UPDATE: As Promised, PHOTOS!!




You know what I love MOST about this apron? It is practically repurposed!  I have had this fabric for several years.  I really can’t remember how long.  I have been intending to make me an apron from it forEVER.  But when I started digging though my fabric for something pretty yet serviceable for this Apron Fest ‘09 apron, this fabric practically leaped out of the box at me!  I have washed and dried it several times to soften it. Oh it is going to be OH SO hard to part with!  It also is serving as a template to my ongoing work on “My Perfect Apron”.

Good Luck EVERYONE!!

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Just stopping by to say hello. I already won one of your aprons and I love it.

I LOVE this apron, especially the fabulous tag!

I just love that aprons are honored in this way!


What a beautiful apron!

Cassie Eagar

Love it. You have a super fun blog. Adding it to my favorites right now!

Yay for aprons. This is so fun. :)

Tricia Z

Thank you for all the kind attention to detail that you are putting into the craftswomanship of this beautiful apron! Have a great day!

Karen Bishop

I work for one of our elementary schools in the Special Education department. I wear aprons everyday and the kids get a kick out of what I will show up in, a few of them even have aprons of their own. Great topic of conversation not only in our classroom but through the whole school. Love your work and the inspiration it has given me to take up a beginners sewing class.

I would love to win this apron. It looks so cute. I love cooking and looking good while cooking, so an adorable arpon like this would work really well for me.

This might be my favorite apron I’ve ever seen. Wow! I would love to win it. Beautiful!

Count me in! I’ve never had an apron!

I’m so impressed with your crafitness! I would absolutely love to win this.

This is such a fun giveaway ! please count me in!


I love how much thought you have put into making this apron perfectly! I hope I get to try it out!

I had a Swedish grandmother who always wore aprons. She had full covering baking aprons, everyday aprons, and frilly hostess aprons. After she died, I went through her recipe file and found a clipping about aprons. It advised that if unexpected guests arrive, a proper hostess should excuse herself long enough to make coffee and change into a fresh apron. I’d love to win yours!


Oh Susan, I didn’t know you were gicing this one away! Please enter me in the drawing.
I love that material. And the adjustable straps. Just right for keeping the straps from falling off the shoulder. That is a major problem for me.


Looks like a wonderful apron!

Thank you for the chance to win!

Cute aprons! I think you made a good fabric choice for this apron, as well. Thaks for the giveaway.

I love that you made it special for this particular event! That’s so fun and thoughtful!

I love aprons. I don’t have enough to last me through the week without washing. I am entering lots of the giveaways at the Apronista. Your apron is so bright and fresh. It will be a great win. I hope it’s me!


I love aprons. I just wish I could sew some for myself. Stupid me for never taking home ec. Please pick me! Thanks for participating.

I didn’t take HomeEc either…you can teach yourself! Or take a class. Just do it! You won’t be sorry.

Oh and GOOD LUCK – to everyone!


Ooh…those colors match my kitchen. I would love to win it!

pretty! red is my fav color!!

I will try my luck here, lovely apron – I followed the link from Lorimarsha’s blog.

Just discovered your blog. Love it!! Love the name of the blog. Love it all. I really love the apron.. Pick me, pick me. ;-)

Would love to win your apron! Hw sweet!

I love your aprons – I hope to win one eventually!

I love your apron giveaway. I just finished one tonight and will be posting pics on Apronista tomorrow. I am posting about the apron fest on my blog.
Don’t forget to “Look in the Nook”


It would be an honor to win and own a handmade apron of yours! Nothing beats handmade. Please count me in!
Many thanks…..Cindi

We just got puppies too, but I am NOT using my apron to bathe him! Thanks for the give-away! Love it. :)

I think it would look lovely against my fur.
Thanks for the giveaway!

I think it would to. But maybe you could also let your owner borrow it, if you won. I think she might have to read the book to you too!

Love the apron and the embroidery is charming. I can see why it will be difficult to give away; it is very cute. Thanks a great give-a way.

Nice give-away! I like the fabric. Doesn’t it make you feel soooo good to finally use up some of that hoarded fabric? The label is totally cool! Love the use of the buttons.

Betty a.k.a. Fudgie

Allison S

Love the giveaway! Thanks so much!


Beautiful! My kitchen accent color is red – so I would love to have such a beautiful hand-made creation to wear in my kitchen.

Thank you for your hard work and artistry.

I’d love to win the apron! I bought fabric and found a few patterns for an apron … but I just haven’t been able to bring myself around to starting. I wish I wasn’t so afraid of sewing!


Awesome apron. I really like it. Can you add me?

I’d love your apron!!!


Erica Ferguson

I love the slideshow!!!

Please enter me if it’s not too late :) Thanks so much for your generosity in hosting these wonderful giveaways!


What an awesome giveaway. And I never thought to wear an apron to wash the puppy! :)

Love that apron! I’m the same way-making them for others, but never for myself. Maybe I’ll make *me* an apron today!

I would love to win your great apron. The colors are beautiful. Thanks for the great giveaway.

So cute! I would love to have this one!

darling apron/love the colors.

I love that it criss crosses in the back, what an ingenius idea!! I hope I win!

What I pretty apron, I would love to win this. You do beautiful work and the colors are sooooooooo pretty.