At the risk of looking ingnorant…

which by the way I am about this particular subject.  I need to know what I purchased this sewing machine foot for.  Okay, I have a tin FULL of attachments for my sewing machine and I can tell you what each one of them is for…except for this baby:



I don’t particularly like to admit defeat but I have spent way too much time looking online at guides this morning.  I don’t necessarily need to know right now, and after I know, I may not want to use it.  But I might!  There is no telling what kind of cool sewing I could have been doing if I had a clue what to do with this foot!! I will even BRIBE you!  The first person to successfully tell me what this is and how to use it*, will win a box of fabric!  I am cleaning out my stash and whatever I can fit/cram/jam/poke/wedge into a small P.O. flat rate box is yours!

*I don’t care if you email me, point me to a site for instructions or whatever…I NEED to know!

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Hmmm. It might be a hemming foot that stitches under a fold. Because, I am looking at that small rounded piece that would indicate fabric would go up and over while the stitch is made. I don’t know – just a guess.

Yeah…but see that little blade looking thing (second photo)…what the heck???

Susan, it looks like an overlocking foot to me. I found a page here that has videos for a lot of sewing machine attachments.

There is a blade thingy. And I have that attachment too…this is different. The fabric does have a feed and will accept different weights of fabric…but not space for double needles unless I am rigging it up wrong.


I think you need to get this book:

I know you LOVE books!!!

Sorry I have no clue what it is but darned if I wouldn’t have loved that box of goodies!!!

Have a great day!!

Hey, Susan- It looks like this might be what you have, or a variation of one:
Good luck in your search!!


nancy from mass

Could it be for pintuck pleats? that blade thingy looks like it would keep the fabric about the same distance that a pintuck pleat would be.

nancy from mass

BTW; what sewing machine brand is this for?

nancy from mass

Shirring, Cording or elastic foot? (seen on website)

Nancy, its a Brother CS6000i

Suzanne…already been there 🙁

Karin – I have an elastic foot and it has a roller thing…this doesnt.

Okay…I think the mystery may be solved! Karin you were right…it is an elastic serger…for my SERGER not my sewing machine. I suppose I put it in the wrong tin! Someone emailed me to give me the details. I will be needing your address Karin for your fabric prize…and I will be emailing the friend who “straightened me out” and send her a box too! Email me Karin with your address.

CONTEST (Bribe) closed!

I still was misunderstanding my email buddy! It is for my sewing machine and after emails back and forth…I vaguely remember buying it before I got my serger. SOOO…thanks to Cathy via email. Thanks to Karin for taking time to enlighten me and look things up for me.

Really, thanks to all of you! Happy Wednesday everyone!