Breakfast Fit For a King

And I don’t mean the Burger King.  Is there a creepier mascot?  I don’t think so.

This is something that came to me this morning, looking thru cooking blogs and cookbooks and trying to get inspired for the upcoming Friday Baking with NotQuiteJuneCleaver recipes.


This was pretty easy.  A couple of things I would have changed…maybe.  Like adding a slice of tomato somewhere in the stack.  The layers are dry toast, Canadian bacon (fried just till warm), a fried egg with a slice of bacon divided, (I think I would have put the tomato under the egg) and a sauce made with 1/2 stick butter, browned and 1/2 cup heavy cream cooked with a slice of bacon crumbled and then 1/2 cup Baby Edam grated, added and whisked until smooth.  Fresh Brussel Sprouts grated on top with salt and pepper to taste.  Very good.

Tonight’s menu includes sea scallops…and what else? Not a clue. Yet.  I need to make some sort of bread to go with, but again not feeling terribly inspired.  Suggestions?

I will have recipes up in the morning. YES! Friday is almost here.  Where did this week go?

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Yum, that looks good.


This looks delicious!!

I don’t eat bacon, ever. In fact, I don’t eat pork. But that picture, right there, is making me want to do the unthinkable: go out, buy some bacon, and whip some up to eat. I never thought I’d say I was craving bacon, then this post happened!!

Sorry Mandy. Maybe some Turkey “Bacon” would do? Since you don’t eat bacon. Ever. You really won’t know what you’re missing, ya know?

Susan, I made a great pasta dish with sea scallops the other night. It’s very easy and semi-homemade. Saute the sea scallops and put on top of bow tie pasta with store bought pesto and a little bit of the pasta water to thin out the pesto, a little more grated parm and some toasted walnuts. This recipe serves four, using half the box of pasta and about a pound of scallops.

looks like a yummy breakfast. I made a quiche type breakfast using egg, creamed spinach, sliced ham, and grated cheese all in a phyllo dough crust with phyllo crust topping with cheese on top of the was of those create it as you go type was yummy though.

Love the blog, but is this ur new one?

That looks really tasty Susan, very tasty indeed! Glad to hear your hubby is feeling better! xxoo